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HighScope Indonesia Inspires Educators to Craft Effective Student Learning Experiences

Elevate: HighScope Indonesia Inspires Educators to Craft Effective Learning Experiences for Students
Elevate: HighScope Indonesia Inspires Educators to Craft Effective Learning Experiences for Students

The pace at which the world is evolving continues to be uncertain. In recent times, the field of education has faced a multitude of difficulties, including worldwide pandemics, environmental crises, changes in societal values, cultural shifts, and economic volatility.

Furthermore, rapid technological advancements, such as AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality, are easily accessible to the public. The current generation confronts unprecedented challenges, coping with constant information overload, relying on quick solutions, and being trapped in a slowly evolving education system, making learning potentially monotonous for them. In this context, there’s a lesser-known quote from Ki Hajar Dewantara, Indonesia’s education pioneer, which states, “Children live and grow according to their own nature. Educators can only nurture and guide the development of that nature.” In a world brimming with new challenges, how can educators inspire this generation of students to become lifelong learners?” 

In HighScope Indonesia, the belief is that a school serves as a laboratory for life. Across the growing school network encompassing Early Childhood Education through High School, teachers facilitate students in acquiring essential skills outlined in the HighScope Indonesia Learner Outcomes, which include Meta-level Reflection, Expert Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Adaptability and Agility, Audience-Centred Communication, Synergistic Collaboration, Empathetic Social Skills, and Ethical Leadership. The objective is to nurture students into self-regulated leaders who grasp concepts, employ 21st-century skills, and integrate values into their lives while embracing a lifelong learning mindset.

In the current year, the 13th HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference, themed “Elevate: Crafting Effective Learning Experiences for Meaningful Impact,” aims to inspire and guide educators, including teachers and principals. The conference seeks to ensure that students benefit from profound and enduring learning experiences. During the conference’s opening speech, Antarina S.F Amir, founder and CEO of HighScope Indonesia, emphasised the pivotal role of educators in imparting not only subject matter but also vital life skills. HighScope Indonesia is proud to collaborate with Professor Thomas Guskey, a renowned expert in Grading and Reporting, on a groundbreaking book titled “Life Skills for All Learners: How to Teach, Assess, and Report Education’s New Essentials,” which holistically discusses 21st-century skills across different developmental levels.

This year marks the fourth virtual edition of the conference, allowing over 500 participants, including HighScope teachers, staff, educators from various provinces, and international guests, to join sessions. Since 2011, HighScope Indonesia has consistently organised the HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference, providing a platform for educators from different levels to exchange ideas and engage in ongoing learning, aligning with the mission of holistic child development and international competitiveness.

The 13th HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference features globally recognised education experts as speakers who share insights and experiences, fostering dialogue and addressing educators’ questions. On Day 1, Rick Wormeli, author of several acclaimed books, delivered a keynote address on nurturing executive function skills in students, emphasising the importance of encouraging curiosity and question-driven learning. Other speakers on Day 1 included Monica Burns, Ed.D., Elizabeth MeLampy, Tiza Mafira, and Diah Arum Witasari.

On Day 2, Dr. Derek Cabrera discussed the significance of systems thinking in education, highlighting its long-term benefits for students’ cognitive development. Additional speakers on Day 2 included Dr. Sandra Webb and Prof. Rhenald Kasali, PhD, who emphasised the importance of cultivating a Growth Mindset in students.

The second half of Day 2 featured HighScope Indonesia‘s Learning Heroes, selected teachers from various educational levels who shared their experiences and insights with fellow educators. HighScope Indonesia continues to enhance its teachers’ competencies, preparing them to meet new challenges and inspire students to become lifelong learners and self-regulated leaders in an ever-evolving world.

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