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Top Applications for Learning other Languages

Top Applications for Learning other Languages.

With all the binge-watching of TV series, playing online games or working from home, you might be looking for something new to do at home.

There’s nothing more fun than learning other languages, and, hey, it might come in handy in the near future when we can finally board a plane again.

Here are the top apps for it:


Whether it’s for you or your kids, this app brings fun into the learning process! Duolingo teaches you in the form of quizzes instead of reading through a load of materials; you won’t get bored in the process.


After you’ve studied words from constructed languages by the communities, or even slang words, this app follows a learning method that asks users to use the learned words for creating funny memes. With this method, users are expected to remember the vocabulary easily.


If you’re looking for something a bit more serious, this app offers a tutor to go with the learning process. Your tutor can help and answer all the questions you have regarding the materials based on the level you selected at the beginning of the programme.


This app has gamified language learning and is suitable for kids. Tiny games are designed to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, and practice your listening. The outlook of this app is very cheerful that may stimulate your kids to learn better.


As the name suggests, this app is meant for travellers who need to learn the language of their holiday destination. Triplingo teaches you how to pronounce the words properly and clearly so you sound like the locals. You can also choose the context of each phrase, such as “business phrases” or just “casual phrases”. It also has a built-in voice translate that can render English into the foreign language you’re learning!


This app allows you to chat or connect with different native speakers, with everyone aiming to help and build each other up through their language struggles. Practising chatting and interacting with other native speakers can also boost your confidence before doing it in real life!

How to Pronounce 

Let’s face it, we sometimes pronounce things differently, and others might then take the meaning differently. If you’re unsure, you can go to this app and type in all the words you want to say and hear in real-time how to pronounce the word the correct way.

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