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Rules for choosing an exchanger

Rules for choosing an exchanger

The Internet network provides access to many cryptocurrency exchange services, which confuses unprepared users, who, as a result, turn to a project that is unprofitable or unsuitable.

Trying to understand many exchangers, it is easy to stumble upon a scammer, but this will not happen if you follow the recommendations below. When choosing an exchange service, you should pay attention to a number of the following tips:

  • View lists of cryptocurrencies supported for exchange transactions. Almost all services have support for key coins included in the current top. However, before using the exchanger, you must check if it works with the required cryptocurrency.
  • Follow the exchange rate. Until the application is completed, you need to look at different exchangers. The deal will likely be the most profitable in one of them. With significant differences in the course, you should be careful not to rush to exchange funds because there are no services that work at a loss. In this case, there is a possibility that the site is fraudulent. If you take the same service where you want to, for example, change the Bread token, then on the corresponding page, you will see the 0.5 eth rate for different exchange directions (for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) – this is quite convenient.
  • Find out how fast transactions are carried out. The best option is the one where applications are processed with the least delay. However, a qualitative check is possible only on one’s own experience.
  • Ask about commissions. Their size is very variable. You need to select from the available services, compare them and choose the most profitable one.
  • Find out if a convenient payment system is integrated into the site.
  • See if there is technical support. A definite plus will be a service that gives answers in the user’s native language.
  • Analyze reputation. Exchangers who work honestly and do not deceive people often leave genuine good comments.
  • The last important point is how long the site has been up and running. You should not make a deal directly on projects that appeared at least 12 months ago and have no reviews. You should either learn about it from reliable sources or temporarily abandon the idea of ​​​​using it.
How to make an exchange without commission payments

You can find exchange offices that provide their services with minimal commissions or without them at all. It is also unnecessary to go through registration and verification in a simple interface. This is what distinguishes them from stock exchanges and banks. To carry out an exchange transaction 0.9 eth to usd, you must perform the following steps:

  • Select a resource that meets the criteria and deals with such transactions;
  • Go to the site;
  • Fill out an application, then you need to indicate the amount and type of cryptocurrency you want to give, and then other information;
  • Specify the wallet where the funds will be credited;
  • Confirm the process and wait for the receipt.

If an automatic exchange mode is provided, this is not a guarantee that you can carry out the process immediately. A specific payment system determines the duration of the transaction.

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