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Risk Based Online Single Submission System Officially Launched

Online Single Submission

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has inaugurated the launch of the Risk-Based Online Single Submission (OSS) System, which is said to be a very significant reform in licensing in Indonesia.

“Today we are launching a Risk-Based OSS. This is a very significant reform in licensing, using online licensing services that are integrated with the risk-based licensing paradigm,” said Jokowi at the launch of the Risk-Based OSS.

Through the Risk-Based OSS, said Jokowi, the type of licensing will be adjusted to the risks. However, licensing between micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and large businesses will not be the same.

This licensing service is expected to improve business in Indonesia.

“High-risk business licensing is in the form of a permit, medium-risk business licensing is in the form of a standard certificate, and low-risk business licensing is simply a company registration number from OSS,” said Jokowi.

The investment minister and Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia, said that the process of making the OSS application brings together more than 70 laws, including the Job Creation Law, 47 government regulations (PP), presidential regulations (Perpres), and government regulations.

“We involve all existing stakeholders and also the full power of the Investment Ministry,” he said.

The new application connects four sectors, namely applications whose scope is for regencies or cities, provinces, ministries, and institutions, and is connected to the centre, namely the Investment Ministry, as the terminal that will connect everything.

Bahlil also emphasised that the presence of Online Single Submission (OSS) will make it easier for business licensing in the country.

“Under the direction of the president, we should not withhold permits. Withholding permits is the same as withholding national economic growth, withholding job creation, and withholding the level of improvement in our ease of doing business,” he added.

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