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Ravi Khubchandani of Pullman Bali Legian Beach Discusses the Importance of Sustainability and the Balinese Philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana”

Ravi Khubchandani of Pullman Bali Legian Beach Discusses the Importance of Sustainability and the Balinese Philosophy of "Tri Hita Karana"
Ravi Khubchandani of Pullman Bali Legian Beach Discusses the Importance of Sustainability and the Balinese Philosophy of "Tri Hita Karana"

Sustainability is the future — and Pullman Bali Legian Beach is ready to be a part of it.

In anticipation of Earth Day which falls on April 22, Pullman Bali Legian Beach continues to strengthen and underscore its enduring commitment to sustainability and environmental harmony. Indonesia Expat had a chance to interview Ravi Khubchandani, the General Manager of the Pullman Bali Legian Beach, as the latter shared his thoughts about the sustainability efforts that the hotel has made thus far, the possibility of Bali as a leader in global sustainable tourism, and how enlightening the hotel’s guests about environmental consciousness is also a part of Pullman Bali Legian Beach’s daily business practice.

What can you tell us about the sustainability efforts that Pullman Bali Legian Beach has made thus far?

At Pullman Bali Legian Beach, we are actively engaged in Accor’s global ESG efforts, diligently working towards a 46% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, with the ultimate goal of achieving ‘net-zero’ by 2050. Accor has signed the Glasgow Declaration on climate action in Tourism, launched by the UN World Tourism Organisation UNWTO. Our environmental stewardship encompasses everything from water and energy conservation to food waste reduction through the use of technology-driven systems and comprehensive training. Notably, our Green Globe Certification stands as a crowning achievement, reflecting our unwavering commitment to environmental excellence. The resort has successfully phased out SUP (single-use plastics). Additionally, we are nurturing our stingless Trigona bee house; it is a testament to our innovative approach to eco-friendly practices. Through our active partnership with SOS Food Hunter, we channel surplus food to those in need, ensuring that our sustainability efforts have a social dimension. Moreover, our dedication extends to our collaboration with sister hotels in Accor Bali for our consolidated efforts towards Sanggar Bedugul, where we support underprivileged children by funding the school as well as equipping them with updated digital tools, prioritising them in our recruitment policies to drive diversity and inclusion, that further reinforces our investment in the community’s future.

How does Pullman Bali Legian Beach determine and/or measure the impact that the hotel’s sustainability efforts have generated for the Bali community thus far?

Assessing the impact of our sustainable actions on the local Bali community involves a multifaceted approach. We look beyond the immediate environmental benefits, considering the broader implications on local economic and social well-being. By partnering with local organisations and supporting children at Sanggar Bedugul, we nurture local talent and contribute to cultural preservation. Our waste reduction efforts and energy-saving measures directly contribute to local environmental health, and we’re proud of our role in these positive changes. These initiatives create a ripple effect, enhancing the social and environmental fabric of our local community.

Enviromental preservation by Pullman Bali Legian Beach and the local community
Enviromental preservation by Pullman Bali Legian Beach and the local community
What can you tell us about the existing partnerships or collaborations between Pullman Bali Legian Beach and the local community when it comes to environmental maintenance and preservation?

Pullman Bali Legian Beach cherishes its relationship with the surrounding community, working hand in hand with the local ‘Banjar’ (village) to bolster waste management practices and provide employment opportunities that benefit the area’s economic stability. Our resort’s temple welcomes locals for spiritual ceremonies, symbolising our respect for cultural traditions. In partnership with SOS Food Hunter, we give new life to excess food by nourishing the underprivileged. Our collaboration on projects such as crafting a Christmas Tree from repurposed driftwood is another way of turning waste into art and steering away from using conventional, plastic-based alternatives. With the help of a team of local carpenters from the Ubud area, this tree not only celebrated creativity but also promoted environmental conservation. These concerted efforts reflect our deep-seated commitment to the well-being of our community and the preservation of our shared environment.

Do you envision Bali becoming a leader in global sustainable tourism?

As Bali embraces a new era of eco-conscious travel, it’s poised to become a global exemplar in sustainable tourism. The island’s natural beauty, given the landscape and flora and fauna, complimented by the Balinese philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana,” which emphasises harmony among people, nature, and God, naturally predisposes Bali towards sustainable practices. With the government’s initiatives against single-use plastics and beach conservation efforts, Bali is steadily cementing its position as a steward of the environment.

Pullman Bali Legian Beach is also a member of the Green Globe Certification. Can you tell us its significance in terms of the hotel’s commitment to environmental sustainability?

Our Green Globe Certification isn’t just a symbol; it’s a testament to the rigorous and impactful measures we’ve undertaken to align our operations with international sustainability standards. It represents a significant accomplishment in our journey to environmental responsibility and showcases the extensive work we’ve put into harmonising premium hospitality services with ecological integrity.

From your point of view and experience thus far, how have the guests at Pullman Bali Legian Beach responded to the hotel’s environmental and sustainability-related initiatives? Have they regarded the hotel in a different light since then?

The response from our guests to Pullman Bali Legian Beach’s environmental initiatives has been most encouraging. Our commitment to eliminating single-use plastics and reducing our carbon emissions resonates well with the evolved travellers, leading to a shared effort in conserving resources. This collective consciousness is evident in their support for our in-room initiatives to reduce laundry frequency for towels and bedsheets to eventually reduce energy consumption; this has resulted in a measurable decrease in resource use.

Educating Kids about Enviromental Sustainability
Educating kids about environmental sustainability
How does Pullman Bali Legian Beach educate guests who might not necessarily comprehend the importance of being environmentally conscious?

Enlightening our guests about environmental consciousness is part of our daily business practice. We utilise strategic signage and informative materials throughout the resort to communicate our sustainability goals and practices. Our Digital Room Directory and QR codes provide guests with instant access to our Sustainability Management Plan and Environmental Policy, fostering an atmosphere of awareness and participation.

Last but not least, how can our readers reach you and Pullman Bali Legian Beach?

You’re welcome to reach out to Pullman Bali Legian Beach through various channels. Our presence on social media, including Instagram (@pullmanbali) and Facebook (Pullman Bali Legian Beach), offers a glimpse into our vibrant community and sustainability efforts. Additionally, direct inquiries can be made through our phone lines and email, where our team is ready to connect with you.

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