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Indonesian Man and English Woman go Viral After Images of their Wedding Surfaced

English woman and Indonesian man
Indonesian Man and English Woman go Viral After Images of their Wedding Surfaced

A wedding between an English woman and an Indonesian man has broken the internet.

26-year-old Karna Radheya from Magelang, Indonesia married 21-year-old Polly Alexandria Robinson from Manchester, England on Sunday, December 16. The couple had been together for over a year after meeting in August 2017.

Radheya, an Indonesian surf instructor and restaurant owner, says he is not sure why his marriage to Robinson would go viral.


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One year by your side… • I’m ready for many more ??

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“My only intention is to make our relationship halal. But since our story has already gone viral, I hope it will be an inspirational tale for netizens,” he was quoted as saying.

In the video of the ceremony that became widely circulated on social media, the young bride is seen smiling happily while wearing a white dress and a pink shawl covering her head. Beside Robinson is her groom, who is shown attentively listening to the person officiating the wedding.

The couple had their wedding in Magelang and it was attended by Karna’s family, but Polly’s family were not in attendance.

It was reported that even though they were absent, Polly’s family had given her their blessings.

“This is fate. I never asked for a foreign wife but God has decided that Polly should be my wife and I am truly thankful for this,” Radheya was quoted as saying.

After the wedding, the couple returned to Bali, where they are currently living as husband and wife. Radheya said he is now applying for citizenship for his new wife.

Source: Nextshark

Photo: Polly Robinson Instagram

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