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Building Bridges ? Connecting Communities

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Seven Stones Indonesia - Building Bridges ? Connecting Communities

Your partners in growth are opening in Jakarta.

Seven Stones Indonesia is growing and will be offering legal, property, marketing and investment services to the Jakarta market in the very near future.

And we’ve got some great reasons for doing this.

As Indonesia’s centre of commerce, entertainment and culture, we all agree Jakarta is where we need to be. According to The World Bank, almost 30 million people live in the greater Jakarta Metropolitan area (Jabodetabek) and the World Economic Forum suggests that by 2035, Jakarta will push Tokyo into second place to become the world’s most populous city. Many observers, like Wellington Capital Advisory, are predicting Indonesia is on track to become the world’s 4th largest economy by 2035 with a GDP “eclipsing that of established global powerhouses such as Japan, Germany and the UK.”

With this enormous potential in mind, Seven Stones Indonesia will be teaming up with Nordic House and creating a Seven Stones Nordic House brand, tapping into the spirit of The Nordic Way to offer value-driven support and affordable market entry business services – including business representation – for both start-ups and corporations as well as networking events and PR activities designed to assist Nordic or European business entities interested in the Indonesian market.

The Nordic Way

For those unfamiliar with The Nordic Way, it’s a solid and transparent principle to manage actions and business with honesty and integrity. It respects the legitimate interests of individuals, organisations, groups and societies and believes in consensus to stimulate discussions and decision-making in a harmonious and flexible way. We believe this ethos not only values but also respects Indonesia’s legal structure, culture, land and amazing diversity and will allow us to create a melting pot of like-minded business interests to connect a wide range of international and local companies and be the source for real and trustworthy information from and for the Indonesian marketplace.

Nordic House Club

The Nordic House Club will be an exclusive venue run as a Member Only offers. It will offer rooftop bars, restaurants with a central kitchen, meeting facilities and ballrooms as well as options for co-sharing office spaces.

We’re looking at attracting business owners and C-Suite Executives, government departments and agencies, embassies, associations and Chambers of Commerce and Indonesian entrepreneurs, as well as ethical, social and community, focused business initiatives and profitable groups who provide genuine benefits across Indonesia’s diverse business landscape.

We will support domestic and international partners looking to do business in Indonesia and connect with financial institutions that are best able to support and enhance our mission and vision.

Location, Location, Location!

We understand where we are will be key because the right location will not only attract customers to use the Nordic Club House but will also bring together the right sort of tenants and talent to make the business a success. That’s why we’ve chosen Jakarta’s Golden Triangle and the city’s prime business area as this will provide great access to LRT and bus stations and be strategically positioned at crossroads and flyovers for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

We’re planning to formally open from these headquarters in about 18-months but we’ve received such a positive reaction from our presentations to business leaders and meetings with government and diplomatic organisations that we’ll be launching from a temporary location in Kuningan, South Jakarta in August.

Norway Connect

We’re also delighted to announce that we recently signed a cooperation agreement with Norway Connect, a business advisory network mainly assisting Norwegian companies with market entry services in Southeast Asia.

Norway Connect has been assisting and representing a number of Norwegian brands in Southeast Asia since 2017 and works closely with Norwegian Chambers of Commerce in the region as well as Norwegian diplomatic missions. And our new Seven Stones Nordic House venture will be the perfect platform from which to offer more businesses better services and greater opportunities in Indonesia.

Seven Stones Indonesia

Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with saying that “once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” That certainly appears to be true for us because we decided to adapt our real estate business model when we realised our clients needed more than just a villa or a plot of land to build a dream home; they also needed honest, relevant and practical advice on how to make their investments work for them.

That’s why we diversified and developed systems and structures around Investment Roadmaps. In the early days, these were focused on providing basic legal advice but they rapidly grew to include Market Entry packages including company establishment as well as visa assistance. We didn’t stop there and recently added a range of affordable marketing or branding services and now we also provide accounting and tax assistance to deliver a more complete suite of relevant business support.

We spend quite a lot of time looking at, and trying to improve, our customer experience and its “moments of truth”. It’s an important part of our company ethos of “doing good, then doing well” and its foundations are built on authenticity.

It’s through being authentic that we’re able to truly engage, listen and offer honest and pertinent support. For us at Seven Stones Indonesia, being authentic means doing things right! We want to create a better world by focusing on what matters and by working together with you to boost your business and brand growth.

If you’d like to grow your business and be involved with building bridges to connect communities through Seven Stones Nordic House, feel free to get in touch with us today by sending an email to [email protected], we’d love to hear from you!

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