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Bali’s Exports Increase 4.55 percent

Export Bali

The value of Bali’s international exports have reported an increase of 4.55 percent. The value went from US$47,759,366 to US$49,930,457. 

When compared to June 2021, Bali’s export value in June 2022 was recorded to have increased by 27.54 percent. 

Head of the Central Statistics Agency for Bali Province, Hanif Yahya, on Monday 1st August 2022 said that out of the ten main export destination countries for Bali in June, seven destination countries recorded an increase.

Those seven countries are Singapore, Japan, France, Vietnam, Germany, the UK, and Canada. The highest increase in percentage was recorded for Vietnam, with an uplift of 125.42 percent, from US$692,799 to US$1,621,347.

Meanwhile, compared to the record in June 2021, the export value of eight of the ten main export destination countries experienced an increase.

The highest increase was recorded in exports to Singapore, which saw a 966.98 percent increase. Exports went from US$606,664 to US$6,472,955. Exports to Singapore are dominated by non-knitted clothing and accessories.

Overall, the export value of Bali in the January-June 2022 period was recorded at US$299,422,374. 

According to Yahya, fish products, crustaceans, and mollusks are the types of commodities that dominated Bali’s exports last June.

“The value was US$13,132,728, or 26.30 percent of the total export value,” said Yahya. 

In line with Bali’s exports, Bali’s import performance in June 2022 also showed an increase.

Bali’s import value in June 2022 was recorded at US$10,560,978, up 68.49 percent compared to May 2022 which was recorded at US$6,268,119. Of the top five import origin countries in June 2022, the value of imports from Hong Kong recorded the highest increase on a month to month basis.

The increase in imports from Hong Kong by 711.70 percent from US$377,661 dollars in May, rose to US$3,065,476. This was due to an increase in imports of precious metal products and jewellery or gems. Cumulatively, the import value in the January-June 2022 period was recorded at US$28,839,558.

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