Passengers Excited as Ahok Tries Jakarta MRT for First Time

Ahok took a trip on Jakarta's Mass Rapid Transit for the first time

Jakarta’s former governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok, took a trip on Jakarta’s Mass Rapid Transit for the first time on Friday, July 5.

Ahok complimented the MRT’s appearance and cleanliness during an interview with Tempo today. According to him, the facilities are a lot better compared to other subway trains in different countries. “Because it is newly built, it feels better,” he added.

Ahok had uploaded four pictures of himself while trying the MRT via his Twitter account, @basuki_btp. He also uploaded video footage on his YouTube channel. Many passengers were excited to watch the former governor try the MRT, many had also approached him for pictures. The MRT Jakarta had resumed its construction during Joko Widodo’s term as Jakarta’s governor, with Ahok serving as the deputy governor.

Source: Tempo
Image: MSN

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