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Peruvian Sentenced to 7 Years After Running

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A Peruvian national was sentenced to seven years imprisonment May 23 at Denpasar Court after escaping his jail cell during trial May 16.

Jose William Salazar Ortiz, Roberto Castro de la Cuba and Frankho Pizaro Solana were charged for vandalising a BCA and BRI ATM in a Denpasar, Bali, minimart. The trio stole Rp.117 million (US$8787) from the machines.

“We appeal to the panel of judges sentence the defendants, Roberto Castro de la Cuba and Frankho Pizaro Solano with five years of prison and William Salazar Ortiz with seven years of prison,” public prosecutor I Nyoman Bela Putra Atmaja said.

The defendants were uncooperative during trial which was reflected in sentencing, he added. Ortiz received an additional two years imprisonment for fleeing.

De la Cuba and Solana have both appealed the heavy sentence, lawyer Edward Pangkahila said.

“We asked for the lightest punishment possible for the two defendants,” said Pangkahila.

Teams from the Denpasar Resort Police were deployed to Jakarta and Pekanbaru to chase down Ortiz He was found May 24 at a hotel in Pekanbaru where he was planning to return to Peru via Malaysia on a fake Chilean passport.

Hadi Purnomo, Head of the Denpasar Resort Police, said the team had returned Ortiz to Bali May 25. During interrogations he said he ran because his parents were sick in Peru.

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