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Working from home: A life-change less ordinary?

Working from home: A life-change less ordinary?

Efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19 have led to dramatic changes in how we live our lives – at least for the short-term.

One direct outcome is the surge in the number of people working from home. And it appears as if this trend is here to stay, with many businesses not exactly in a rush to bring employees back to the ‘traditional’ workplace.

For some people, the lockdown was a chance to rethink their future careers too – whether this was due to redundancy or simply using it as a convenient excuse to make that positive change. But what career path should you take next if that sounds like you? What jobs are out there that let you work from home, from anywhere in the world and don’t need significant re-training.

Here are some career changes less ordinary that might be your new calling:

Market trader

How well do you think you know the stock or currency markets? By investing your time – and money – into learning the markets, there are real opportunities to achieve substantial returns. And getting started is simple with online forex brokers who offer instant access to the markets in real-time. With an internet connection and a way of getting online, it’s all you need.


Are you creative? From kids’ books to blockbuster movies or even virtual reality video games, animation is what brings these ideas and projects to life. Both on paper and on a computer, it is a career that can help you make serious money out of your unique style and creativity.

Website tester

While website design and development are two careers with work-from-home potential, what about website testing? That’s right. There are companies who will pay you to make sure their websites are user-friendly. By signing up with a number of different companies, you’ll get the best possible chance of maximising your earning potential – all without leaving the sofa.

Pet sitter

You don’t need any special qualifications to be an animal lover. And, as people start to return to their workplaces after lockdown, pets will be left behind and need looking after. By offering your services as a pet sitter, you can get paid to spend time in the company of furry friends.

Event planner

Do you enjoy the planning process? Birthdays, weddings, conferences or other special events all need careful planning to be a success. As an event planner, you can be the creative brains behind some of the most spectacular and memorable events – even in challenging times.

Professional sleeper

Did you know that sleeping on the job isn’t always a bad thing? Not if you apply to NASA to be part of their bed rest studies. Or how about the Finnish hotel that advertised for a professional sleeper to test out its rooms in 2013? For some, this might be the ultimate ‘dream’ job.

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