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A Letter from an American Who Loves to Retire in Bali

retire in Bali
A Letter from an American Who Loves to Retire in Bali

Indonesia is seeking to boost its tourism since the growling pandemic is set aside.

Indeed, astounding enthusiasm is visible in full blast. Whoever can visit Indonesia swiftly book a flight and revel in the country’s bespoke wonders. In return, the government is taking much action, indicating that this tropical paradise is ready to welcome foreign tourists back showered with the famed Indonesian warmth.

But, do you think more could’ve been done? Especially to ease travel concerns and hassles?

One American reader has written to Indonesia Expat regarding their thought that could possibly be beneficial to Indonesia’s tourism in the long run. Their letter is as follows:

Dear Indonesian Government,

I wish that this piece of advice can be extended to the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Minister or other departments.

I love the transformation and action performed by the Thai Government to attract tourism to their country. If Indonesia doesn’t copy or do some reengineering of how the country excels to effectively enhance and attract tourism, at least those great methodologies implemented by the country, including appealing advertisements and YouTube visuals, can effectively promote the country, which I reckon are excellent ways of a win-win advertisement.

In my opinion, the first effective way is to abolish Visa fees as even Vietnam is thinking of giving a free e-Visa for 90 days to enter the country soon. Indonesia can be a follower whilst also not falling too far behind by taking drastic actions to avoid some little bad mishaps with other countries.

I am sure the respective Ministers are keeping up to date with YouTube and/or the world news, which display rapid evolution. Put all the heads together and I am certain Indonesia can do much better. I love this country but some of the bureaucracies tarnished the whole country. Please do not have the wrong impression as it is only my opinion.

Bless the country’s progress! Don’t let FIFA put the country down – be positive. Syabas dan semangat Indonesia (very good and keep it up Indonesia)!


An American who loves to retire on the island of Bali with its beautiful beaches

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