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Life as an Expat in Central Java

Central Java

Looking for an exotic yet peaceful place to live? Central Java might be the right place for you to live and explore. 

It must not be easy to move to a whole different country without knowing anything about a certain place as an expat. Did you get a job in Central Java or buy a new house in Central Java?

Whatever the reason you move to Central Java, you need to know what life you would have there. So, expats here is the complete guide about what you can expect in your life in Central Java:

Essentials of Expat Life in Central Java

Central Java is one of Indonesia’s tourist destinations with great social, economic, and political life. Ganjar Pranowo is the governor of Central Java. Central Java is ranked 3rd in Indonesia, with around 36 million inhabitants. Semarang is its administrative capital. 

East Java borders Central Java in the east, the Java Sea in the north, the Special Region of Yogyakarta in the south, and West Java in the west. Here are the essentials you can expect while living in Central Java:

  • Safety And Security

Safety and security are general terms in our daily life. When moving to a new country, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is how safe we are there. In general, Central Java is relatively safe, and the crime rate in Central Java is relatively low. In 2020, the crime rate in Central Java was 31 crimes per 100000 inhabitants, and the rate of crime is decreasing year by year. 

Expats would feel safe there as there is a low crime rate and no serious issue related to stealing. Therefore, if you are concerned about your safety in Central Java, then you do not have to worry. However, expats should never go alone while passing dark alleys or after midnight.

  • Public Transport

When you are new to some country, finding the perfect comfortable and reliable transport isn’t easy. We get confused about which transport to take to which route most of the time. The only concern is to find a city with good transportations service.  

Central Java Cities are crowded as there is a vast population. The distance between places in Central Java is quite apart, and locals prefer to have their own source of transportation. However, there are good transportation services available that are safe and reliable. Cheap public transport is available in various parts of cities such as mini-buses and DAMRI buses. They have fixed routes. 

Metered taxis like bluebird are also available but at a high fee. If you do not like traveling with public transportation, you can use online applications-Grab and GO-JEK. It is a safe transportations service. 

  • Housing 

Central Java is the third most popular province in the country. It is a tourist magnet as it has all sorts of sports such as beautiful, cultural or natural sites. Central Java is also Indonesia’s geographic, historical and cultural heart.

Central Java combines high and low lands, beaches, and mountains. The cities in Central Java have the most amazing places to live. For instance, Semarang, the provincial capital, is a port town with amazing sea views, mountains, and rice fields. There are many old buildings to live in where you can have a vintage feel. 

If you want to live in a busy place all the time, then SOLO is an ideal option. At solo, everything is available even after midnight. Vendors serve their clients with their small food stalls all day. And, if you are a nature lover, then Baturaden is a perfect option for you. It sits on the slope of Mount Slamet. It is filled with gardens, ponds, lakes, and hot springs. 

  • Entertainment

There are many entertainment centers in Central Java. So, if you are concerned about whether Central Java has enough entertainment centers or not, don’t worry. It is filled with it. If you are in the mood for fishing, visit Tanjung Mas situated in Semarang. Also, you can rent a boat for a weekend getaway.

If you are up to just relaxing at a beach with sunshine falling on you, then visit Menganti Beach, located in Kebumen Regency. It offers beauty, just like beaches in New Zealand. This beach is featured with soft white sand and turquoise shearwater color. Also, fishing boats are available here if you want to go fishing. 

There are also entertainment spots in Central Java related to parties and dinner. You can explore restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes located in the Candi Baru area. Furthermore, many outdoor activities such as mountain trekking or horse riding.

  • Schools and Education

There are many great schools in Central Java for expats who have children. The education system here is so advanced that your child would learn many skills. First, however, visit the school personally before choosing a school to ensure that educational materials and facilities are as per your expectations. 

Schools in Central Java are either run by the private sector or the government. Some private schools refer to themselves as national plus schools, which means their curriculum exceeds the expectations set by the Ministry of Education. The teachers here speak both English and Indonesian language for expats to understand easily. The most popular school in Central Java is Jasaren Islamic Boarding School 

  • Medical and Hospitals

As an expat, you must want your safety or insurance first. Herefore, in Central Java, the employees are provided with medical insurance. For instance, in Semarang, medical centers such as St Elizabeth Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, or Telogorejo Hospital include the insurance provided to the employees. 

If you face any medical issues, you can easily get treatment here. Central Java is filled with qualified doctors to provide you with the utmost care. 

Final Words

With East Java in the east, the Java Sea in the north, and the Special Region of Yogyakarta in the south, Central Java is a perfect place to live. Central Java is the third largest province in the world. It is a perfect place to live if you are a nature lover. It provides every type of facility. In addition, Ganjar is a people leader who does everything to make his people happy. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about political issues. 

Whether you want medical facilities, school facilities, tourism, entertainment, or housing, you will never be disappointed. The culture and tradition here are mesmerizing that you will feel lucky to live here. 

Whether you would like to do lots of shopping or live in a bustling city or place that is down to earth, Central Java truly has it all. 

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