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How to Find a Proper Dentist in Indonesia

Expats need not worry about finding professional  dental care in Indonesia. Being patient and diligent enough with your research will help you set an appointment with the right dentist or doktor gigi who can give you quality service and value for your money.

Of course, it always pays to be cautious when searching for one since fly-by-night practitioners are also common in the archipelago. Here are some factors to consider when looking for quality dental services:

1. Research is key

It can be a challenge with several clinics to choose from. Some services don’t come cheap, while others charge a reasonable price. But in order to find one that meets your standards and offers professional dental care, you can start by scouring the internet for recommendations or reviews such as local listings. You can visit forums where fellow expats have raised similar concerns and you’ll find answers to help you narrow down your choices.

Asking for referrals from family members who also live in the country, neighbors, friends and co-workers could be very useful since they probably already have a dentist that they regularly visit and can help you evaluate based on their experience. It’s important to take note of their suggestions so you could weigh your options. A second opinion also comes in handy when a substantial amount of dental work is needed.

2. The best clinics are often found in larger cities

Oftentimes, the most prominent names in the dental field that offer excellent services usually have centres or clinics operating in the country’s biggest and busiest cities. Unless you’re fine with traveling all the way just to see your dentist, you can opt to take advantage of a business trip or vacation to places like Surabaya, Bali and Jakarta.

3. Be observant

During your first visit, your impression of the dentist matters a lot. A practitioner who can converse in English is preferable since it is crucial that you are able to communicate well when it comes to your dental concerns and that your needs as a patient are met.

During consultation, ask the dentist for a thorough examination of your teeth and gums then pay attention to his/her diagnosis and detailed treatment plans. This is your chance to let them know if you have additional issues such as allergies or sensitivity to anesthesia and ask questions to ensure that you are getting quality dental care. You should also consider if the dentist is patient and willing to answer all of your queries.

If you are advised to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure, you can ask the dentist for ‘before and after’ photographs of patients with a similar treatment. Also, did he/she practice proper hygiene? Was the facility clean? For sanitary purposes, it is important that the instruments used are sterilized and that the dentist always wears gloves.

4. Pay attention to bedside manner

The doctor’s attitude and approach make a lot of difference down the road.  Was the staff courteous? Was the dentist careful? Was he/she easy to talk to? It can be hard to trust a dentist with an unpleasant personality. It’s important to build a good relationship with your dentist especially if you and your family are going to be regulars.

5. Get the best bang for your buck

One thing you should put into consideration when looking for a dentist is the fact that he offers advanced dental services. It’s helpful to find a dentist who is able to cover a lot of services or a variety of specialization. In Indonesia, there are highly skilled dentists who promote the latest when it comes to dental practices. Locals might find the fees expensive, but compared to countries like the US, their services are considered cheaper here.

Please stay tuned for Indonesia Expat‘s upcoming list of top dentists in Jakarta and Bali.

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