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Viral Sharing of Foreign Tourists’ Behaviour May Lead to Legal Charge

UU ITE Charge for Sharing Foreigners' Acts
Viral Sharing of Foreign Tourists' Behaviour May Lead to UU ITE Charge. Image Source:

Netizens who upload content related to the inconsequential behaviour of foreign citizens via social media can potentially be charged with the Electronic Information and Transaction Law (UU ITE).

The viral sharing of foreign tourists’ behaviour on social media may now lead to charges under the UU ITE, according to Bali Police Chief Inspector General Putu Jayan Danu Putra. Putra urged the public not to spread information about foreign tourists’ behaviour recklessly, emphasising that there are legal consequences for such actions.

As reported by detikBali, during a press conference at the Bali Governor’s Office on Sunday, 28th May 2023, Putra stated that the UU ITE applies to societal participation in sharing the negative behaviour of foreign tourists on social media, and the police will process such cases accordingly. He urged citizens to play a role in maintaining public order and security by reporting any inappropriate behaviour displayed by unfamiliar foreigners in Bali to the nearest police station.

Putra emphasised that violations committed by foreigners in Bali should not be made viral, reiterating that the Bali Police would take legal action against individuals who spread the deviant behaviour of foreigners online. He urged the public to refrain from making such incidents go viral and assured that the police would address the matter.

In recent months, the behaviour of foreign tourists in Bali has often caused annoyance among the local public. Instances of their eccentric actions have been widely shared on social media platforms. One notable incident involved a German woman with the initials DT, who walked naked onto the stage during a Balinese dance performance at Puri Saraswati Ubud and caused damage to the entrance gate.

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