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Bio Farma Produces Three Million Sinovac Vaccines

Bio Farma
Bio Farma Produces Three Million Sinovac Vaccines

PT Bio Farma (Persero) started production of the CoronaVac vaccine at its production facility in Bandung on 14th January.

In the past week, Bio Farma has produced as many as three million doses of the vaccine and they are ready for release.

President Director of Bio Farma Honesti Basyir said that the three million doses of vaccine that have been produced and undergone a quality control process are just waiting for the lot release from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

“In a week, there have been three batches of our production process completed. One batch is about one million doses.

Today, I got the latest report that three million doses have been produced and the quality control process can be sent to BPOM. It can only be distributed when you get the lot release from BPOM,” said Honesti.

Lot release is the process of evaluating a licensed product before it gets approval to be sent to market. This process is usually carried out for vaccines and other biological products with a review involving the manufacturer’s production data and the results of quality control tests by regulators.

He explained that this vaccine was produced at Bio Farma’s new production facility specifically built for the COVID-19 vaccine. This facility was completed at the end of 2020 and consists of two factories with a total production capacity of 250 million doses per year.

This production facility is supported by the company’s 10 cold storage facilities. The vaccine can be stored for a maximum of 1-1.5 years with a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius.

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