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Foreigner in Bali Regularly Releasing Caged Birds

releasing birds

A foreigner in Bali has been buying birds and releasing them into the wild.

A viral video is circulating on social media showing a foreigner releasing a bird from its cage right in front of a bird shop.

“These foreigners regularly buy birds next to my shop and release them, almost every Sunday they’re releasing dozens of birds in the hope that they will live in the wild, rather than in a cage.”

“May all beings be happy,” wrote Gede Budarsana’s in his Facebook post.

In the nearly four-minute video, several birds are released from a cage.

One of the birds that was released flew into a crowd of residents and was caught and caged again.  Then, the foreigners asked for the bird to be released once more.

Viewers can hear the sound of cheers from the residents as each bird is released from the cage.

The foreigners, continued Gede, bought the bird from a merchant whose shop is located on Jalan Sukma No. 55, Ubud, Bali.

“Initially, I was guarding the shop, now my shop is next door to the bird shop. Then, I saw that there were a lot of people outside, it turned out that there was a foreigner buying birds to be released,” he explained.

Gede went on to say, “Then I asked the foreigner if I could record it or not, he said yes, I just recorded it, because I think it’s unique.”

The foreigner is known as Greg and he also often helps underprivileged people when he meets them on the street, according to Gede.

He said that, before being released into the wild, the birds had all been bought by Greg.

As for the type of bird, said Gede, it is a local bird that is believed to be able to quickly adapt to nature.

“The birds are local birds here, like turtles, cerukcuk, local birds here.”

“A total of 50-60 individuals were released yesterday, but when I came out, that was all I had the time to record, before that, many were released,” said Gede.

Gede also revealed that the reason for recording the action of the was to motivate himself and other people.

“I recorded and posted it to motivate my friends, how we can love our environment, love animals, not kill them, that’s the point of my post,” he said.

He said he was happy because the video he uploaded has received a lot of positive responses from the public.

“I’m just happy because it turns out that there are still many who care, even though it’s just a post like that, hopefully, it can provide more benefits to motivate friends to love other creatures,” he concluded.

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