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Two International Boxing Parties Rock Bali Big Fight XIX

Bali Big Fight
Two International Boxing Parties Rock Bali Big Fight XIX. source martin daniel promotion

Martin Daniel Promotion is holding a professional boxing championship entitled Bali Big Fight XIX, which will take place in Canggu, Bali on 14th May 2022. 

This boxing event will feature two international teams. First, Jufri Kakauhe (Navas Boxing Camp Manado) will challenge Taweechai Juntarasuk (Thailand) for the vacant WBA South Asia championship belt at featherweight 57.1 kg in 10 rounds. 

Next, Aser Kewas Tuama (Navas Boxing Camp Manado) will face Nanthanon Thongchai (Thailand) for the vacant WBC Asia Silver belt in the flyweight 50.8 kg in 10 rounds. There will also be additional teams involving other boxers under Martin Daniel’s Manado Navas Boxing Camp, including Orlado Limahelu, Alfrits Kakauhe, and Larry Siwu.

Daniel said that preparations for the boxing match next month have entered the final phase, including preparing a draft contract as well as payments and permits so that the Bali Big Fight XIX event will run smoothly. 

As you can see, they have practiced sparring and this is the umpteenth time they have had a sparring opponent and there will be several more times until D-day,” said Daniel in a press statement on Wednesday 20th April. 

The tall man from Kawanua also assessed that, from the results of the sparring that has been done so far, there have been many improvements in terms of physique, technique, and fighting instincts in the ring. He said he hopes in particular that Jufri Kakauhe and Aser Kewas do not underestimate the Thai boxers who are also known to be fierce and resistant to blows.

“With very thorough preparation, I am confident to carry out this activity because the preparation of the boxers who will later carry the Merah Putih fluttering has been maximised and they are training hard like Spartans, so we are sure that Indonesian boxers will be able to conquer their opponents,” he added

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