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British School Jakarta Hosts Second Wellbeing Symposium, Fostering Collaborative Dialogue on Holistic Education

British School Jakarta Hosts Second Wellbeing Symposium, Fostering Collaborative Dialogue on Holistic Education
British School Jakarta Hosts Second Wellbeing Symposium, Fostering Collaborative Dialogue on Holistic Education

Advancing Wellbeing in Education: British School Jakarta’s Wellbeing Symposium 2024.

British School Jakarta (BSJ) proudly announces the forthcoming Wellbeing Symposium, a groundbreaking event aimed at promoting holistic education and advancing discussions on wellbeing and mental health, social inclusion, and people and planet thrive. Scheduled to take place from Monday, the 27th of May to Wednesday, the 29th of May 2024, the Symposium reflects BSJ’s steadfast commitment to nurturing the wellbeing of its students and the broader community.

Wellbeing, a multidimensional construct differs across age, culture, and populations and is at the heart of BSJ‘s educational ethos. The most cited academic definition is how people feel and function both personally and socially and how they evaluate their quality of life. Wellbeing is pivotal in fostering personal growth, adaptability, resilience, and happiness. In line with this vision, BSJ is collaboratively shaping its collective definition of wellbeing with students, staff and stakeholders.

The Wellbeing Symposium emerges as a vital platform to explore contemporary issues in positive psychology, a field that studies the conditions that create optimal functioning in individuals, groups and institutions and aims to improve quality of life. Through keynote addresses, workshops, and interactive sessions, participants will delve into evidence-based strategies to cultivate ideal living environments, inclusive cultures, and purpose-driven learning experiences.

Andrea Downie, Head of Wellbeing at BSJ
Andrea Downie, Head of Wellbeing at BSJ

At BSJ, we recognise that fostering wellbeing extends beyond individual endeavours—it necessitates a systemic approach encompassing our entire community,” remarked Andrea Downie, Head of Wellbeing at BSJ. “The Symposium embodies our mission of nurturing the head, heart, self, and system and fostering learning, environments and cultures conducive to holistic growth and development,” Downie adds.

Building upon the success of its inaugural Symposium in November 2022, this year’s Symposium boasts an expanded lineup of expert speakers like Robert Biswas Diener, Sue Langley, David Bott and Jane Drake returning this year. New additions this year include academic Yufi Adriani, who is working on focusing on Indonesian perspectives of wellbeing, deputy Dean of the Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Professor Lindsay Oades, Biophilic Design Architect Dr Fiona Gray, Andrea Downie, head of Wellbeing BSJ and honorary fellow at the University of Melbourne and more.

The symposium’s thematic framework revolves around four pillars—environment, culture, learning, and purpose—underscoring BSJ’s commitment to comprehensive wellbeing integration. Attendees can anticipate a rich tapestry of sessions, ranging from biophilic design principles to youth empowerment strategies, catering to diverse stakeholders within the education community.

“We aim to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, creating a dialogue that transcends borders and shapes a future where holistic wellbeing is central to education,” noted Andrea Downie, Head of Wellbeing at BSJ.

The Symposium is poised to extend its impact beyond the event itself, with post-symposium resources and ongoing research initiatives aimed at sustaining momentum and driving tangible change within educational communities worldwide. BSJ remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness, exemplified by its meticulous planning and execution of the event with zero-waste catering and sustainable art installations. Get your tickets Here

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