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How To Properly Self Isolate During Coronavirus

Self-isolation is our only hope of stopping the spread of COVID-19, at least for now.

Health experts are advising people with corona-like symptoms as well as those who have been in close contact with coronavirus victims to self-quarantine. Healthy people, on the other hand, are advised not to leave their homes for any reason, other than to buy essential supplies such as food, hygiene products, and medicine. It is also advisable not to have visitors in your home, whether friends or family. That is how to properly self-isolate during coronavirus. But does that mean you should remain indoors all day and do nothing except eating, chatting on social media, watching TV, and sleeping? Absolutely not! Proper self-isolation also means keeping yourself occupied with the following activities:

1. Renovating lawns

Spring is almost here and as you know, it still is the best season to redo and rejuvenate your lawn. Go out and pull weeds out, water and top dress your lawn, and mow the grass. Replenish the lawn’s nutrients as early as now! However, remember to keep your distance from other people while at it.

2. Tend to your indoor plants

If your houseplants have not had proper repotting or pruning, use the free time that you abundantly have now to attend to them. Remove the winter growth and work on humidifying the air around the potted plants.

If your plants aren’t getting enough light energy chances are that photosynthesis will not occur as efficiently as it should. Take your time to observe if your plant’s stem, flowers, and leaves are flourishing. If they are not, know that your balancing of light intensity is not right, which means that you need to invest in better quality grow lights.

Plant some flowers in case you have not. Flowers inject color to your indoor garden and boost your home’s interior décor. Remember to refresh your outdoor flower garden as well.

3. Declutter your home

Your new-found free time is perfect for ditching items you don’t need in your kitchen, wardrobe, bedroom, and living room. Lesser clutter means lesser items to browse through in the mornings and lesser cleaning duties, especially after this pandemic is over. Even if you will not donate your rarely used clothes or cooking appliances right now, you can move them to the garage as you wait for the lockdown to end so that you can ship them out.

4. Organize your kitchen

Keeping the kitchen organized can be a challenge when you have a 9-5 fulltime job, but now that you are self-isolating, it is time you got your dream kitchen. Create space for small appliances, move a few furniture, reorganize shelves for more orderly storage of food and pantry items. The idea is to keep your kitchen tidy, classy, modern, and functional.

If you still are able to order non-essential items online, you can acquire ready-to-assemble cabinets for your kitchen. These clever products will help you keep everything you need easily within reach. On top of that, the cabinets are modern, stylish, and budget-friendly. And as the name suggests, they are effortless to put together even for people with no technical skills or prior furniture assembling experience. During this lockdown, the last thing you want is to call an expert to your home just to assemble a kitchen cabinet.

5. Get moving

You cannot go outside if you live in a city that is on complete lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get adequate physical exercise. Remember that regular workout is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Download a few at-home workouts, music, and dancing tutorials. Leverage online resources for your physical fitness.

6. Learn a new indoor skill

Learn how to cook or bake, and then show off your skills on social media. Pick up your needles and learn how to knit. Learn the classical guitar, the piano, the violin, or whichever musical instrument love. Learn any skills that you can teach yourself through YouTube videos or easy-to-follow instruction manuals!


Remember, if you live with someone who has coronavirus symptoms, be very careful with everything you touch as rigid surfaces have been listed among the top COVID-19 spreaders. Self-quarantine yourself for 14 days from the day the symptoms started. If the symptoms disappear after that, go ahead to engage in the activities we have outlined above.

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