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PeduliLindungi Turning into Integrated Health App, SatuSehat Mobile

SatuSehat Mobile
SatuSehat Mobile

The PeduliLindungi app, which was created to help track the spread of COVID-19 in the last three years, will change its name and expand its functionality later this February.

“We are transitioning PeduliLindungi into SatuSehat Mobile. We will launch it, hopefully, by 28th February 2023,” said Setiaji, the Chief Digital Transformation Office of the Health Ministry on Friday 17th February.

SatuSehat Mobile is an effort to simplify existing health applications. This app will have broad benefits for the public by storing almost all of the user’s medical records, not only those related to COVID-19.

These medical records will include various vaccination records, laboratory test results, and a stunting database. It aims to be more convenient for the public and medical personnel to store and exchange health data more effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, the Health Ministry is appealing to the public not to delete or uninstall PeduliLindungi, even though this app has changed its name and function.

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin officially launched a patient medical record data integration programme, into an Indonesia Health Services (IHS) platform called SatuSehat in July 2022. Apart from medical records, SatuSehat is integrated with pharmacies and hospitals in various regions, as well as PeduliLindungi.

The Health Minister has a target to integrate 32 regional hospitals, health centres, laboratories, and pharmacies by the end of 2023. At the same time, the Ministry also plans to integrate SatuSehat with BPJS Kesehatan.

With the SatuSehat app, according to Sadikin, national health data exchange will be more efficient and effective. People will no longer need to carry physical medical record files when they have to move hospitals because all patient medical record will have been digitally recorded on the SatuSehat platform. Likewise, with health workers, there is no need to enter data repeatedly in different applications.

The integrated data includes a tuberculosis recording system, a digital recording system for maternal and perinatal mortality data, immunisations, a national referral system, maternal and child health data, and an integrated data management information system for environmental health and disease control.

The data integration process into the SatuSehat platform will be carried out through several phases with the target of completing the data included in the standard medical resume to IHS, as compiled from

Phase one – patient registration data and diagnoses
Phase two – medical procedure, vital conditions, and diet data
Phase three – integrated drug data with the drug dictionary
Phase four – laboratory observation and radiology observation data
Phase five – allergy and physical condition data

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