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Nightclub Promoter David van Iersel Released from Bali Prison

Melbourne nightclub promoter David Van Iersel released from Kerobokan prison

Nightclub promoters David van Iersel and William Cabantog, from Melbourne, are facing up to 12 years in prison in Kerobokan, Bali. Both were arrested for possession of cocaine in a nightclub in Canggu last year.

Van Iersel, who was the manager of the nightclub at the time, and William were arrested in July 2019 after being accused of possession of 1.12 grams of cocaine, when the nightclub Lost City was raided.

The nightclub manager ended up being sentenced to nine months in prison and Cabantog received a one-year sentence. Yesterday, Van Iersel was released from jail due to time spent. Van Iersel was initially taken by car to the immigration offices in Ngurah Rai, and was held in detention at a hotel pending his flight to Australia, scheduled for Thursday.

The legal team for Van Iersel, including Australian security consultant John McLeod, had advocated that he stays in a hotel or villa rather than the immigration holding cells. However, Bali’s Law and Human Rights Ministry spokesperson, Putu Surya Dharma, confirmed, “He is now placed in a detention cell at the immigration office until he returns to his country on 23rd April. If he escapes, who will take responsibility?”

Normally, a stay in the cells would be no more than one day, but due to reduced flight schedules in light of the coronavirus pandemic, there are only two possible flights from Denpasar to Australia that he can take. Upon his arrival in Australia, Van Iersel will be under strict prevention measures for coronavirus and will be required to go into 14-days quarantine.

Source: 7 News Australia

Image: 7 News Australia

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