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Two Australians on Trial for Cocaine Consumption in Bali

William Roy Astilero Cabantog and David Dirk on Trial for Cocaine Consumption

Australian citizens William Roy Astilero Cabantog, 36, and David Dirk Johanes Van Iersel, 38, have been charged with consuming narcotics. Both consumed cocaine at a night club in the Canggu area of Bali.

“William Roy Astilero Cabantog and David Dirk Johanes Van Iersel have no rights and have broken the law in possessing, controlling, or providing type 1 narcotics, specifically a plastic container with white powder containing 1.12g of cocaine at Lost City Club, Badung,” Public prosecutor Made Ayu Citra Maya Sari said on Wednesday 20th November 2019 in National Court of Bali.

The two Australians were arrested on Friday 19th July 02.30am. At that time, police conducted a check in the night club where David Van Iersel was working as the night club manager. Police have checked the location and the defendant gave police a plastic container of cocaine.

According to the prosecutor, William gave cocaine to Dirk in David’s office.

After investigating the location, police also checked a motorcycle that had been hired by William. In the vehicle’s storage, police found electric scales and two empty plastic pouches which William admitted belonged to him.

It has been admitted that William purchased cocaine from Joel, who is currently being hunted by police. William said that he had consumed cocaine since he was 20 years old in Australia.
Based on the result of laboratory testing, urine of both defendants was positive for containing cocaine.

Source: Detik

Image: Metro Bali

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