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New Visa Pricing Announced, More Details Expected in April

Visa Indonesia
Visa Update: Immigration Released Specific Visa of Entry

The Finance Ministry has released a list of new visa prices ahead of an eagerly anticipated announcement on a new visa regime.

The information is not yet fully confirmed and will need to be confirmed with an announcement from the Immigration Department.

The pricing information comes without definitions of conditions attached. There are changes to retirement visas, tourist visas, and other long visit visas in terms of both the length of stay and how much a visitor will pay. 

Costs for temporary residence permits (ITAS) and permanent residence permits (ITAP) have also changed for some categories. 

Social media and messaging apps were ablaze with speculation yesterday about what a second home visa would mean and what rules would be attached to a new 180-day visa. 

Details are expected by 16th April 2022 from the Law and Human Rights Ministry. However, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan has spoken about attempts to reinstate visa on arrival (VoA) for visitors to Bali in recent days. 

Here is a breakdown of what has changed with the new visa pricing.

Visit visas
  • Single entry visit visas up to 60 days and will not be extendable will cost Rp1.5 million for tourism purposes and Rp2 million for all other purposes
  • Single entry visit visa up to 180 days will cost Rp6 million
  • Multiple entry visit visa with maximum stay up to 12 months with each visit a maximum of 180 days will cost Rp3 million
  • Visa on arrival for 30 days and non-extendable will cost Rp500k
  • Director General approval charge will be Rp200k
  • In-country stay permits will cost Rp2 million for 60 days and Rp6 million for 180 days, for pre-investment activities
Temporary residence (ITAS)
  • For the initial visa to be issued before converting on arrival, the cost is Rp700k for visas on arrival, this is for certain types of foreign workers, for all other purposes except a second home visa it will cost $150.
  • A new category called a “second home visa” will cost Rp3 million per applicant and a further Rp2 million per dependent application
  • Director General approval charge will be Rp200k
  • Upon entry, to convert the initial visa into the ITAS, the charges remain unchanged at Rp1 million for six months, Rp1.5 million for 12 months, Rp2 million for two years, and Rp5 million for 5 years for those in an SEZ
  • For the new second home visa category, a five-year ITAS will be issued for Rp12 million for the primary applicant and Rp3.5 million for each dependent applicant. 

For marine workers, the ITAS at sea prices remain unchanged at Rp1 million for the permit and Rp300k for the stamp. 

Permanent residence (ITAP)
  • A five-year new or renewed ITAP application still costs Rp5 million
  • A new five-year ITAP in the new second home category will cost Rp15 million for the main applicant and Rp5 million for each dependent application
  • An unlimited ITAP for non-second home holders will cost Rp10.2 million
  • An unlimited ITAP for second home applicants will cost Rp30 million for the main applicant and Rp15 million for each dependent applicant
Re-entry permits
  • The cost of re-entry permits has not changed for all residence permit holders
  • For second home applicants, the cost of a re-entry permit will be Rp6 million for the main applicant and Rp1.5 million for each dependent


Single-entry visit visa/stay permit for 60 days1,500,000rp (was $50) for tourism
2,000,000rp (was $50) otherwise
Single-entry visit visa/stay permit for 180 days NEW6,000,000rp
Multiple-entry visit visa3,000,000rp (was $110) per year max 5 years
Director General approval charge200,000rp (no change)
Existing stay permit (visa) extensionNO LONGER VALID: see 60/180 day fees above – was 500,000rp per 30 days
Visa ITAS (for entry to Indonesia)
On arrival (e.g. for foreign workers in certain projects)700,000rp (no change)
Other than second home$150 (no change)
Second home NEW3,000,000rp for main applicant
2,000,000rp for each extra spouse/child
Director General approval charge200,000rp (no change)
ITAS (payable within country after entry)
On arrival (for workers)750,000rp (no change)
For 6 month ITAS1,000,000rp (n.c.)
For 1 year ITAS1,500,000rp (n.c.)
For 2 year ITAS2,000,000rp (n.c)
For 5 year ITAS (in S.E.Z. only)5,000,000rp (n.c.)
For 5 year ITAS (for second home only) NEW12,000,000rp for main applicant 3,500,000rp for each extra spouse/child
For ITAS at sea (marine workers)1,000,000rp for approval (for n.c.)
300,000rp for stamp (n.c.)
5 year new ITAP or renewal, except second home5,000,0000rp (n.c.)
5 year new ITAP for second home NEW15,000,000rp for main applicant 5,000,000rp for each extra spouse/child
Unlimited ITAP, except for second home10,200,000rp (n.c.)
Unlimited ITAP for second home (5 year renewal not available?) NEW30,000,000rp for main applicant 15,000,000rp for each extra spouse/child
Re-entry permit (payable with ITAS at same length;
for ITAP 2 years compulsory, subsequently optional)
6 months600,000rp (n.c.)
1 year1,000,000rp (n.c.)
2 year1,750,000rp (n.c.)
5 years (SEZ only)3,250,000rp (n.c.)
5 years (for second home) NEW6,000,000rp for main applicant
1,500,000rp for each extra spouse/child
Overstay1,000,000rp per day to 60 days (no change)


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