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Angry Mob Destroys East Jakarta Police Station

Ciracas Police Station

A crowd of angry people, allegedly military personnel, ravaged and set fire to the Ciracas Police Station in East Jakarta, on Tuesday night. The riot began on Tuesday at around 11 p.m. and lasted into the early morning of Wednesday.

No casualties were recorded from the incident, but four police officers were reportedly injured.

It is alleged that members of the crowd were related to the victims and perpetrators of a battery case that occurred on Monday.

“Around 200 people forcibly entered the police station to check whether the people who had beaten their friends were really being detained,” Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Idham Azis said as quoted by

“The officers in the station tried to explain [that the police were still working on the case], but they did not want to listen. Then they ravaged and burned the police station as well as several vehicles,” he said.

In a chronology of the events received by The Jakarta Post, it was stated that the crowd trespassed into the police station and demanded to see inside the detention facility. The Ciracas Police Station chief tried to prevent the crowd from entering the complex, but was beaten down by the crowd. The mob also beat the East Jakarta Police chief and three other police officers who were inside the station.

Around midnight, the mob started to beat every police officer in the station, and also battered two civilians, Tumpal Manota, 23, and Kevin 23, who happened to be driving passed the riot.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: Istimewa

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