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Malioboro Closed for Motorized Vehicles

Malioboro Closed for Motorized Vehicles

Malioboro Street (Jalan Malioboro) is closed for motorised vehicles starting Tuesday, 3rd November 2020. The closure is part of the area’s pedestrianisation program that is being tested by traffic engineering management (MRLL).

The trial taking effect on 3rd November 2020 will start at 11am to 10pm Western Indonesia Time (WIB), then continue on 4-15th November starting at 6am until 10pm WIB.

“Particularly on Jalan Malioboro, we will only allow non-motorised vehicles to pass, except for the Trans Jogja Bus, police, health services, fire engines, and patrol vehicles,” said Acting Head of the DIY Transportation Service (Dishub), Ni Made DwiPanti Indrayanti.

According to him, the traffic engineering trial which will be held for two weeks and applies a gyratory model or setting the direction of traffic counter-clockwise around the area.

Visitors who bring private vehicles are expected to park in a number of parking areas that have been provided. Vehicles coming from Gembira Loka or from the south can use Senopati Parking, Ngabean Parking is accessible from the west, and coming from Magelang or the north can use Abu Bakar Ali Parking.

Similar trials will also be carried out on roads around Malioboro. On Jalan Mataram, Jl. Mayor Suryotomo, and Jl. Bhayangkara, one-way direction will be implemented to the north. Jl. Pasar Kembang becomes one direction to the west, Jl. Pembela Tanah becomes one direction to the east, meanwhile, Jl. Lt. Gen. Suprapto becomes one direction to the south.

“Apart from Jalan Malioboro, we will do a one-way trial for 24 hours,” added Ni Made.

Regarding the program initiated with the Yogyakarta City Government, the Yogyakarta Regional Government has carried out outreach and coordination at the sub-district and community levels in the city.

Market stall traders have expressed concerns about accessing their businesses and being able to set up their food stalls throughout the day. Being able to send and take deliveries has been restricted for food traders, too.

It is hoped that with this trial, economic activity in the Malioboro area can expand so that visitors can freely enjoy the atmosphere at the shopping centre.

Source: Pikiran Rakyat

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