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Jakarta’s Restaurants to Close at 8pm on NYE

Jakarta's restaurants

All restaurants and entertainment venues in Jakarta are only allowed to open until 8 pm on New Year’s Eve 2022.

The rule is to ensure that there are no crowds causing the further potential for COVID-19 transmission.

Head of Public Relations of the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Commissioner Endra Zulpan explained that 8,000 personnel and joint officers from the National Armed Forces and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government would go around monitoring all business premises.

They will check the completeness of health protocols, such as the availability of hand sanitizers, sinks, and the use of the PeduliLindungi application at every place of business. Their job will also include ensuring that the place of business is closed according to the specified operating hours.

“If they are found to be violating the law, the regional government will revoke their business license. Because we operate from the Regional Police, the Military Police are assisted by the Municipal Police (Satpol PP),” he said.

In addition to monitoring business premises, officers will also patrol residential areas to disperse fireworks and firecrackers. This is so as not to cause a crowd on New Year’s Eve.

No Fireworks

Zulpan said he hopes that Jakarta residents will obey the government’s advice not to use firecrackers and New Year’s parties.

“It is recommended not to have fireworks and other crowds, let’s have empathy.  The COVID-19 pandemic situation is not over yet and new Omicron cases are added,” he said.

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