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Jakarta to Increase Bicycle Lanes and Direction Signs

Jakarta bike lane
Jakarta to Increase Bicycle Lanes and Direction Signs

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government plans to add 500 kilometres of bicycle lanes along roads around Jakarta. There are currently 63 kilometres worth of bicycle lanes that have not been as effective as planned.

Many cyclists still believe that more bicycle lanes with directional signs need to be provided. M Agung Pribadi, a cyclist from Kompas Gramedia Cyclist said that the roads in Jakarta are already crowded with vehicles.

“Forcing bicycle lanes to become one with the road may create even more conflict or friction in the field. It’s better for the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency to add directional signs for cyclists to go to certain destinations more efficiently,” Agung suggested.

“They should also allocate a budget to provide incentives for residents to use bicycles as a vehicle. It can even be in the form of safety items such as helmets or lights,” he continued.

“The DKI Provincial Government does not have to bother thinking about cyclists. Just arrange motorbikes and cars so that they are more accustomed to traffic courtesy,” was a further suggestion he offered.

The issue of Yogyakarta using signs and lanes for cyclists that don’t necessarily follow the main road but may branch onto smaller ones was also brought up.

Agung Nugroho, a member of Gowesser Anak Jakarta noted that bicycle lanes only work if they are provided in accordance with what cycling communities want.

“Not all of the bicycle lanes that are being built are in accordance with cyclist lanes, so it’s necessary to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the bicycle lane construction,” he added.

Source: Berita Satu

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