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Indonesian netizens are posting memes about their disappointment in their citizenship, expressing their concerns over various issues occurring in the country, especially after the Omnibus Law had been ratified on Monday.

Some have even been tempted to give up their status as Indonesian citizens.

The main requirement for rescinding the status of Indonesian citizenship, as reported by, is that the applicant must have another nationality before applying for the loss of Indonesian citizenship.

The application must be written in Bahasa Indonesia by the applicant and sent to the President through the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Applications must include the applicant’s full name, place and date of birth, residence, occupation, gender, marital status, and the reason for the application.

The application must be accompanied by a photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate; a photocopy of a marriage book, divorce certificate, excerpt of death certificate of the husband or wife; a photocopy of the Republic of Indonesia Travel Certificate or Identity Card; a certificate from a representative of a foreign country stating that by losing the applicant’s Indonesian citizenship they will be a foreign citizen; as well as six colour photographs.

After all of these requirements are met, the applicant can begin the procedure to release their Indonesian citizenship, which will take at least four months. Here’s how:

  1. Submit all of the required documents to the Republic of Indonesia representative whose working area includes the applicant’s workplace.
  2. Within 14 days from the date of receipt of the application, an Indonesian representative will check everything that is needed has been received.
  3. If the application documents are complete, the representative will submit the application to the relevant minister.
  4. After the minister receives the application, it will be examined within 14 days.
  5. If the files are complete, it will take no more than 14 days for the minister to forward the request to the president.
  6. The president shall determine the names of people who have lost Indonesian citizenship and pass them on to the representatives who submitted the documents.
  7. The representative will submit the Presidential Decree to the applicant within seven days of I being received.
  8. The minister will announce the name of the person who has lost Indonesian citizenship in the Republic of Indonesia State News.

However, several factors can mean that a person automatically loses their Indonesian citizenship, namely:

  1. Obtaining another nationality of their own accord;
  2. Not refusing or not giving up another nationality, while the person concerned has the opportunity to do so;
  3. Entering into foreign military service without prior permission from the president;
  4. Voluntarily joining a foreign country’s service, whose position in such a service in Indonesia in accordance with the provisions of the legislation can only be held by an Indonesian citizen;
  5. Voluntarily taking an oath or pledging allegiance to a foreign country or part of that foreign country;
  6. Participating in the election of an administrative nature for a foreign country;
  7. Holding a passport or a letter which can be interpreted as a valid citizenship mark from another country; or
  8. Continuously residing outside the territory of Indonesia for five years that’s not state service, without valid reasons, and deliberately not expressing his or her desire to remain an Indonesian citizen before the five year period expires. Every five years, if the person doesn’t submit a statement that they wish to remain an Indonesian citizen to a representative of Indonesia, whose working area includes the residence concerned, as long as the representative of Indonesia has been notified through writing, as long as he or she doesn’t become stateless.

Source: Tempo and Tribun News

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