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Indonesian Fisherman and French Woman Found Love

Indonesian Fisherman and French Woman Found Love

In 2019, the marriage of an Indonesian fisherman to a French woman went viral on social media. Now, Danil Gustian from Padang is no longer a fisherman and stays in France with his wife, Clementine.

Danil even bought tickets and took care of all his needs so he could live in the city of Les Sables D’olonne, France with Clementine. Danil has also switched his profession to be a chef at a large restaurant in France, based on his personal Instagram account, @danil_gustian_c.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful that I got a job, which I thought was impossible for me and is now achieved,” wrote Danil on one of his Instagram posts.

Danil and Clementine married in Campakir, Teluk Kabung Utara, Bungus Teluk Kabung District, Padang City, West Sumatra. Danil and Clementine tied the knot on 8th February 2019, but the reception was only held in July 2019.

The couple decided to upload their wedding reception to social media, which then went viral. Clem gave the reason for uploading their reception invitation via social media and the reason for the event to be held at home.

“We chose the wedding reception at home rather than in a building because my husband’s family normally have parties at home,” said Clem. She added that holding a wedding reception at home would be safer and have a more personal touch.

“It was actually my husband’s idea to post the invitation online. I don’t know if there were friends who haven’t been given an invitation and would be aware to come,” she said.

The reception, held in Padang, was attended by Clementine’s family who came from France. Danil explained that up to 25 people from his wife’s family made the journey from France for the wedding reception.

“I’m very happy today, my family and friends from France arrived in Bungus for our wedding reception,” she wrote on her Instagram account. Clementine explained that the first time she met her husband was in 2017 when Danil was working as a tour guide on the island she vacationed on.

Furthermore, before the wedding reception, Clementine admitted that she has found her true love with her husband through a note entitled “Love from a distance of 10,675 kilometres”.

“Clementine & Danil.

Hello, we are a French-Indonesian couple.

I’m Clementine, a 19-year-old college student and Danil is a 23-year-old fisherman.

We wish to organise our own wedding without the help of our parents. Even though we are young and our income is still low, we want to show our families that we can do it, responsibly and independently.

But to do that, we need the help of friends to give us financial support. We would like to have a wedding in the Minang tradition in August 2019 in Padang, West Sumatra, where the two sides our families will unite on that day.

Our marriage was a careful plan and a manifestation of the love and affection between the two of us.

Our meeting is a form of love at first sight which happened during one of my trips while in Indonesia. Destiny has brought us together to build love and live together.

Finally, I found my soulmate. We met each other, even though the distance of 10,675 km has separated the two of us, including cultural differences.

The help of all friends means a lot to us because thanks to friends, we will be able to prove the strength of our pure love.

We will be very grateful if friends decide to help us. ‘Distance is not an obstacle, but a beautiful reminder of the power of true love.’”

Source: Tribun News Jateng

Image: Jawa Pos and Detik News

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