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Foreign Tourists Allowed Visiting Other Regions?in Indonesia

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Foreign tourists will be allowed to visit other regions in Indonesia once they enter through Bali and the Riau Islands, according to the Director of Immigration Traffic at the Directorate General of Immigration, Amran Aris.

“Foreigners who come with tourist visas do not have to go through Bali, they can go through other areas, for example, if they want to stop by Labuan Bajo,” Aris said during the seminar Socialisation and Dissemination of E-Visas for Tourist Visits in Bali on Friday.

Aris explained that the mechanism for issuing visas for tourism is an agreement from all stakeholders. He said that the Directorate General of Immigration followed the applicable regulations, namely Minister of Law and Human Rights regulation number 34 of 2021 and the Circular Task Force for Handling COVID-19 number 4 year 2022.

He explained that foreign tourists with a B211A Tourist Visit Visa who came to Bali and Riau Islands were allowed to visit other areas. They can then return to their country from the immigration checkpoint in that area.

Tourist Visit Visas received by foreigners and guarantors will have a duration of 60 days in Indonesia and can be extended up to a maximum of six months in Indonesia. For example, foreign tourists visiting other areas, it can be extended by applying for a Visit Stay Permit (ITK) at the local immigration office,” he said.

Meanwhile, he explained that in the period 15th October 2021 through to 28th January 2022, a total of 273 electronic visas (eVisa) for tourist visits were issued to foreigners to be able to travel to Bali and the Riau Islands. Most travellers came from India with 47 visas issued, followed by 42 people from France, 20 people from South Korea, 17 people from Spain, and 16 people from Sweden.

Immigration provides a hotline for travel agents to convey aspirations and complaints. We will also take action against violations related to the administration of evisas for tourism,” he concluded.

These are the following requirements to apply for a B211A Tourist Visit Visa to Bali and Riau Islands:

  1. A valid passport with at least six months left
  2. A letter of guarantee from the guarantor
  3. Proof of having living expenses for himself and/or his family while in Indonesia in the form of a checking account, savings book, or time deposit for the last three months. Proof of ownership of funds can be used by a foreigner or guarantor, with a minimum balance of US$2,000 
  4. A return ticket or onwards ticket to continue travelling to another country
  5. Proof of having received a complete dose of COVID-19 vaccination
  6. Statement of willingness to comply with all health protocols in Indonesia
  7. Proof of ownership of health insurance or travel insurance that includes coverage for health costs or a statement that you are willing to pay the costs independently if exposed to COVID-19 while in Indonesia

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