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Indonesia Adapts Technology Rapidly Amidst Pandemic

Indonesia Adapts Technology Rapidly Amidst Pandemic

Indonesia is said to be rapidly adapting technology in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agung Purwoko, the principal economist at the Bank of Indonesia has said that the COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the direction of domestic and global economic development.

The adaptation process to digitisation is important to ensure the economic activity is not restrained when countries go into lockdown for COVID-19.

“Each country has different levels of adaptation. Some are fast, slow, or relatively silent. If we look at it, Indonesia is one of the fastest ones regarding digitisation,” reported Purwoko on Wednesday 21st October.

According to Purwoko, the main point in dealing with crises like the pandemic is the presence of new technology. It’ll then give birth to various innovative solutions and new business sectors, thus creating various activities in the online industry.

Agung believes that Indonesia has a strong digital foundation and a population of young people who understand technology, which is continuously increasing.

“This is a very strong digitalisation opportunity. Our mobile customer-base is up to 385 million people, which is very high. While the population is not that high, we imagine that some people two accounts. Our internet use is very high compared to other countries,” noted Agung.

Source: Merdeka

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