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Hundreds of Foreigners Flee Bali

Foreigners leaving Bali

The head of the Bali Law and Human Rights Ministry Regional Office, Jamaruli Manihuruk, has commented on the hundreds of foreigners who have recently left Bali.

He emphasised that these foreigners were not evacuated, rather they had returned home of their own accord.

“It’s not only Australian citizens who have left Bali, but there are some Indonesian citizens who have lived in Australia for a long time, also leaving the Island of the Gods,” Jamaruli said.

According to immigration’s records, as many as 186 people left Bali, which breaks down as 80 Indonesians, 97 Australians, two British, one German, one Irish, three Syrian, one New Zealander and one Turkish person.

Jamaruli denied that it was an evacuation, but admitted that the Australian government had facilitated flying permits, including Indonesian citizens who had been living in Australia for a long time.

“They left Bali on a commercial flight,” he added.

Those who left Bali have been checked according to the procedures applicable in Indonesia, such as conducting a PCR test.

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