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How to Get a Police Record Certificate as a Foreigner in Indonesia

Police Record Certificate
How to Get a Police Record Certificate as a Foreigner in Indonesia

Many people, foreigners and Indonesians will need a Police Record Certificate (SKCK) at some point during their time in Indonesia or after they leave.

Foreigners tend to need this document to apply for a KITAP, to adopt a child, to get an Airport Pass Card, sometimes when applying for jobs in Indonesia, and naturalization to obtain citizenship.

However, the requirements for requesting a Police Record Certificate for foreigners are different from Indonesian citizens. One major difference is the location where a foreigner needs to go to get a Police Record Certificate, as per the Regulation of the National Police Chief Number 18 of 2014 concerning Police Record Certificates.

As stated on the page, a Police Record Certificate is a certificate issued by the National Police which contains a history of a person’s crimes, both for Indonesian citizens and foreigners.

The application for a Police Record Certificate must be completed at the National Police Headquarters. The reason is that the Regional Police, Subregional Police, and sector police levels only manage these certificates for Indonesian citizens.

Previously, the Police Record Certificate was known as the Certificate of Good Behavior (SKKB). Initially, this letter was only given to residents who have not or have never been recorded as committing a crime.

However, the current Police Record Certificate requirements are not the same as Statement of Good Conduct. A Police Record Certificate is an official certificate issued by the National Police through the Intelkam function to an applicant to explain whether or not there is a relevant record in criminal activities.

The validity period of a Police Record Certificate is up to six months from the date of issue. If the validity period has passed and if deemed necessary, the Police Record Certificate can be extended.

How do you get a Police Record Certificate and what are the requirements for foreigners?

Police Record Certificate requirements for foreigners 

Foreigners can apply for a Police Record Certificate at the police office, in this case, the National Police Headquarters. However, they must meet several requirements first.

The following are some of the Police Record Certificate requirements for foreigners that must be prepared before submitting an application:

  • An application letter from a sponsor, company, or institution that employs, uses or is responsible for the person
  • A photocopy of the sponsor’s ID card and marriage certificate if the sponsor is an Indonesian citizen 
  • A photocopy of their passport
  • A photocopy of their Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)
  • A photocopy of Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit (IMTA) from Ministry of Manpower, where appropriate 
  • A photocopy of Reporting Certificate (STM) from the police 
  • A fingerprint document
  • Six 4×6 color photographs with a yellow background, with modest dress and a collar, without facial accessories, facial appearance, and for applicants who wear headscarves, the photo must show the full face
Procedure for getting a Police Record Certificate for foreigners 

Applicants need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the National Police Headquarters with the required documents
  • After that, you will be asked to fill in a form with your personal details and background that the police will provide for you 
  • The officer will then take fingerprints
  • If all these things have been done, you will then need to make a payment to the officer of Rp30,000

The cost of making the Police Record Certificate refers to Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia number 60 of 2016 concerning tariffs and types of non-tax state revenue that apply to the Indonesian National Police (Polri).

The reasons that a Police Record Certificate may be needed by a local or a foreigner include:

  • To be nominated for President and Vice President 
  • To be nominated as a member of the legislature, executive, judiciary, and central government institutions 
  • To be issued a visa 
  • To obtain a Permanent Resident Permit (KITAP) for foreigners
  • To obtain citizenship by naturalization 
  • For a foreigner to adopt an Indonesian child 
  • For a student to continue their education overseas 
  • To obtain a family card(KK) and ID card (KTP) for foreigners 
  • To obtain an Airport Pass Card for foreigners 
  • To apply for a job in Indonesia as a foreigner 
  • To take part in an overseas student exchange for Indonesians 
  • To get a job overseas for both Indonesians and foreigners
  • Other needs as per the situation at a national or international level 

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