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Health Ministry Warns of Fake Medical Masks Circulating

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Acting Director-General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices at the Health Ministry, Arianti Anaya, has reminded the public to be careful when buying masks.

Her comment comes in response to a large number of fake medical masks on the market, sold both online and offline.

“To avoid the wrong choice of medical masks, health workers and the public should buy medical masks that already have a medical device distribution permit from the Health Ministry. This distribution permit can also be accessed via,” said Arianti.

Arianti explained that each mask must have a distribution permit from the Health Ministry to ensure that the mask is able to prevent the entry of droplets or viruses and bacteria. There are several requirements for obtaining a mask permit, including requirements of quality, safety and benefits.

This means that tests must be carried out for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), particle filtration efficiency (PFE), breathing resistance, and other quality control factors.

Regarding the trade in fake masks, Arianti said that the ministry was working with legal officials to follow up and had confiscated masks which proved not to have distribution permits.

“What is referred to as not in accordance with its purpose is, for example, that the mask is actually not a medical device mask, but is claimed to be a medical mask. This will be followed up because, of course, this will mislead the public,” said Arianti.

“If health workers or the public find a mask that is suspected of not meeting standards, they are asked to immediately [complain]. We have an e-watch for medical devices that can be made through complaints and/or through the Halo Kemkes 1500567,” she added.

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