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COVID-19 Improvements, Pandemic Could Lead to an Endemic

Pandemic Endemic

The Health Ministry has reported that several indicators for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic are showing continuous improvement. 

“This is the result of our joint collaboration to be able to control the pandemic, break the chain of COVID-19 transmission, and lead to the end of the COVID-19 era,” said Dr Siti Nadia Tarmizi M. Epid., Spokesperson for the Health Ministry’s COVID-19 Vaccinations, in a statement on Sunday 27th February.

On Saturday 26th February 2022, the number of hospitalised patients fell to 36 percent from Friday 25th February at 37 percent. Daily confirmed cases fell again to 46,643 per day, from Friday’s record of 49,477 per day. This means that the number of confirmed cases for two consecutive days is below the peak number of Delta cases in July 2021 at 56,757 per day.

Furthermore, the positivity rate fell to 17.93 percent on Friday from the previous day’s 19.94 percent. The number of specimens examined was also still high, reaching 484,532 tests on Friday. None of the provinces in Indonesia recorded an increase in cases of more than 10,000.

While continuing to monitor a number of indicators for handling the pandemic, the government is also making efforts to keep the number of cases down, including by accelerating and expanding vaccination coverage.

The Health Ministry has also shortened the interval of giving the third vaccination or booster doses for both the elderly and the general public over the age of 18 to three months after receiving the primary vaccination.

“We know that patients with the most severe symptoms and who are at risk of death are those who have not received complete vaccinations, or have not been vaccinated at all. Coupled with the elderly and having a history of comorbidities, the risk of severe symptoms and death from COVID-19 infection increases,” said Tarmizi.

As of Saturday 26th February at 6 pm WIB, 190,672,288 or 91.55 percent of Indonesians have received the first dose, and 143,774,691 or 69.03 percent of people have received the second dose. 9,809,490 or 4.71 percent of the population had received a booster.

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