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Communities Affected by Flash Floods in Sukabumi

Communities Affected by Flash Floods in Sukabumi

Flash floods have hit Cibuntu Village in the Sukabumi Regency of West Java on 21st September. The deluge occurred around 5.00 pm after heavy rains flushed areas in Sukabumi.

As well as sweeping away houses and vehicles and destroying rice fields, it is reported that several people were swept away by the flood waters. Residents were evacuated to safer places to avoid further loss of life.

The humanitarian team Daarut Tauhiid (DT) Peduli Sukabumi was immediately called to the disaster site to aid residents. DT Peduli deployed a team of officers to provide emergency assistance and evaluate the situation.

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“The DT Peduli Humanitarian Team arrived at the location at 4.30pm,” reported Andri Adi, the Social and Humanitarian Manager of DT Peduli.

Andri further noted that the residents are currently in need of community assistance. Needs include cleaning supplies, ready-made food, blankets, sleeping mats, worship tools, masks, and drinking water.

Source: PrfmNews


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