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Cloud-based Medical Service to Be Launched in Indonesia - Cloud-based Medical Service
Cloud-based Medical Service to Be Launched in Indonesia

Borderless Healthcare Group is set to introduce a cloud-based medical service called, providing a network of medical knowledge to support hospitals and clinics in Indonesia, the largest healthcare market in the Asia Pacific region.

Through partnerships with renowned specialist doctors from various countries, including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and the United States, aims to facilitate the sharing of medical expertise with doctors in Indonesia.

Doctors in Indonesia can access the cloud system via a TV in their consulting rooms, enabling direct interaction between doctors, patients, and specialist doctors. This in-depth teleconsultation allows for a comfortable care environment where Indonesian doctors can receive support and unlimited knowledge to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Romeo Lledo, CEO of Metro Hospital Group in Indonesia, stated that the online-to-offline co-care model, which involves partnerships between local doctors and specialist doctors as knowledge sources, is highly suitable for a country like Indonesia, where specialist doctors are scarce. Dr Patrick Monsarrat, the owner of a clinic in Bali, highlighted how can support Bali’s ambition to become a health tourism destination, as it allows various healthcare facilities to operate through the cloud system.

Dr Wei Siang Yu, founder and CEO of Borderless Healthcare Group, emphasised the importance of prioritising knowledge-based health services over values-based health services in Indonesia. He expressed hope that the cloud-based knowledge-sharing system would benefit the Indonesian people by providing faster access to the best medical knowledge in an interactive manner. Dr Daeng Mohammad Faqih, the Chancellor of MH Thamrin University, praised this unprecedented cloud knowledge system, which enables global experts to exchange medical knowledge with local doctors and establishes a new standard of excellence in practice and training for Indonesia.

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