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Multiple Bomb Explosions Rock Kampung Melayu in Jakarta


Multiple bombs were detonated in the Kampung Melayu area of East Jakarta on the night of May 24, 2017. At around 9 pm, the local Transjakarta bus terminal station erupted into chaos. Less than five minutes after the initial explosion, another one hit in the same location.

Local authorities are currently investigating the area in search of the total number of fatalities. So far, police officers have confirmed at least seven people have been wounded, most of whom were rushed to Premier Jatinegara Hospital, which is approximately two kilometers away from the terminal. So far, multiple victims are confirmed to be police officers. A report by Merdeka indicated that one of the two confirmed fatalities was a man who went by the name Taufan, a victim who died on the scene.

Vice Chief of Police and General Commissary Syafruddin confirmed the multiple explosions to be from bombs. It is still unknown what kind of bombs were used in the attack and authorities are currently investigating the crime scene for more evidence.

The Gegana bomb disposal unit arrived at approximately 10:30 pm to secure the area. “The explosions happened right in Kampung Melayu terminal. People in the area instantly panicked and ran after hearing the explosions. It was really loud,” a pedestrian named Rohmat told Detik.

Transjakarta’s public relations representative Wibowo denied claims that the bombs exploded inside the terminal. Instead, Wibowo said the bombs originated from toilets near the area. “They were not in our terminal. It was outdoors. We received information that the bombs came from toilets outside the terminal,” explained Wibowo.

Investigators mentioned that authorities found several things which were assumed to be human body parts. Several unconfirmed rumours have indicated that the explosions were in fact suicide bombs. We will continue to update this story as it develops. 

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Image and video credits: Tribunnews, Corner History

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