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Boat Destroyed by Massive Waves in North Sumatra

Massive waves

A wayward vessel was flipped and destroyed by monster waves in Nias, North Sumatra today.

Renowned surf filmographer Jack Germain filmed the carnage from the safety of land at Lagundri Bay, Nias.

Initial reports suggest the boat had no passengers aboard and had somehow drifted into the line-up of the famous surf break.

After a few close calls, the empty boat met its demise when it was flipped over by one of the biggest waves of the day.

Surfing photographer Daniel Russo also captured another angle of the incident as he filmed from a boat sitting in the nearby deep water channel.

Indonesia is currently being battered by one of the biggest swells in recent years, with wave heights reaching between four to five metres in some locations.

The large swell has attracted top surfers from around the world to the wave-rich region.

There have been no reports of injuries from the incident.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

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