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Jokowi: Emergency PPKM Extended 25th July

emergency ppkm extended

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has decided to extend the emergency PPKM until 25th July 2021 as broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel on Tuesday 20th July.

Jokowi explained that emergency PPKM, which began on 3rd July 2021, is a policy that we cannot avoid, and which the government must take even though it is extremely difficult.

The emergency PPKM is carried out to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and reduce the community’s need for treatment in hospitals to avoid the overcapacity of COVID-19 patients. Another aim is for health services for patients with other critical illnesses that are not disrupted nor have their lives threatened.

However, Jokowi said he was grateful that after emergency PPKM was implemented, it can be seen from the data that the number of cases and the number of occupied hospital beds have both decreased.

He said that the government always monitors, understands the dynamics in the field, and listens to the voices of the people affected by PPKM.

“Therefore, if the trend of cases continues to decline, then on 26th July, the government will conduct gradual loosening of restrictions,” said Jokowi.

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