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Patricia Anne Kincaid

Patricia Anne Kincaid - The woman who brought gymnastics to south Bali

Meet Patricia Anne Kincaid. the woman who brought gymnastics to south Bali and now leads a summer camp at Canggu Club in association with 3V Fitness Arena. A summer of fun, adventure and fitness!


What brought you here to Bali?
I came here on a ten day holiday in 1995. I met Iwan and it was on! It was extension, extention, extention. I never went back!

You have such a great programme for gymnastics. What is your background?
Every day after school I did gymnastics before riding my horse. It was just recreational, but I loved it. Then when I was 15 years old, I coached 11 to 12-year old students. It thrilled me to be able to teach something I loved so much; something that gave me so much discipline and self esteem. My first love was horses. I went to college to study horse husbandry, stable management and the anatomy of a horse. While studying I also worked for a thoroughbred racing horse breeding centre; a horse yard where people bring their mare to breed with the stallions. I worked hard but missed riding so I left to work at a thoroughbred racing yard owned by John Upson where I ran the horses. It was very hard work with little pay. After horses I felt I wanted to do something else. Everyone always said I should model. I went to Ibiza, got a tan and came back and put my portfolio together. Within a year I was working in Tokyo with the Louise Dyson Agency.

I remember you and Iwan had a great shop named Flux.
Yes! That was in ’98. I was pregnant with my first son, Jaden when the shop opened. We had a factory in Umalas. I had Jaden and a few years later Jaya came along. Now Jaden is 14 and Jaya is 11 years old.

Meet The Expats- Patricia Anne KincaidIs gymnastics a recognized sport in Bali?
It is now! Four years ago the Bali School Sports Association made gymnastics an event at the yearly pay-offs. Every winner in every age category this year was one of my current students. In fact 50 percent of the participants were my students. I am so proud of my students!

How does gymnastics fit into the local Balinese culture?
The posture you learn in gymnastics, like ballet, is the opposite of the posture learned in, for instance, Balinese dance. The back is straight in gymnastics, as opposed to the curved spine of Balinese dancing. But the Balinese dances incorporate an intensity and discipline and fast movement similar to that found in gymnastic sports, so there is a common ground and similar disciplines involved in both. Like Balinese dancing, gymnastics is an art. In art we all find common ground.

Besides doing the Summer Camp, you have classes at 3V Fitness Arena. Tell me about those classes.
I have had classes there for one and a half years now. From 3 to 4pm every week day we have the ‘Gyminy’ or beginners class where a child learns things such as movement and lining up and doing as you are told; simple disciplines essential for life. 4.30 to 6pm are the intermediate kids. At this level kids start getting real skills in gymnastics and learn to take risks and how to keep failing positively, try again and accomplish what was once impossible. Classes are four times a week Monday through Thursday. There is also a Saturday morning class.

I saw one of your shows and was impressed. Your participants were so professional! Do you do many similar events?
Yes, I have organized a number of events. We did the Junction Day party for Kudeta, now called Bikini Party. We did a great show with 15 to 18 kids called the Gymnasties. The kids dressed up as cyber punks and really rocked a fabulous show! The kids are so excited to do events like that. It inspires them to get new moves and perfect their routine.

Patricia Anne KincaidTell me about Summer Fun Day Camp here at the Canggu Club.
The summer fun camp goes for five weeks, until the end of July. We offer gymnastics, but also swimming and trampoline. We take the kids to the trampoline centre in Denpasar, as well as to an excursion destination at the end of each week. Last week we went to TreeTops in Bedugul where we went climbing. Tomorrow we go to Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua. The kids are always active and moving. I think the most important aspect is that the kids all make new friends.

What other skills will the campers learn?
Besides a new sense of socialization, they learn self confidence and discipline. They learn goal setting, safety and to follow the rules because there is usually a reason for them! They get fit and learn new body skills. When kids see a little girl do a cartwheel, they want to do a cartwheel, so they start to get more involved and gain a passion to accomplish a new goal such as a cartwheel, then a back flip.

What do you love most about your classes?
My first love is the kids of course! They are so inspiring to me, such pure vision and energy. Lately I have been ending the classes with meditation. It is just a five or ten minute thing to cool down, to focus. We sit in a circle toe to toe then pull back into the lotus position. I tell the children, “This is meditation wish time. Visualize or imagine yourself doing or being this wish. Focus on it.” I explain to them how if we all focus on the same thing, we may manifest it with more power. I tell them about their inherent power of thought, speech and action and how it influences everything we are. The younger kids think a wish should be secret and there are always a couple kids who will come up to me and whisper, “I want to fly! I want to breathe underwater!” It is too cute! I like doing the classes because I can participate. I am thinking of doing an adult class — movement and meditation, gymnastics and yoga.

Please let me know Patricia. I would love to take that class!

For more info on the Summer Fun Day Camp at Canggu Club, visit
For more info on 3V Fitness Arena, visit

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