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Korean Short Film Your Voice Set for Release on Terafty, February 6th

Your voice - Set for Release on Terafty

The much-anticipated film Your Voice is scheduled for release on Terafty on February 6th.

Originally a winning entry in the 1st Terafty Korean Short Film Scenario Contest, this film was penned by Malaysian writer Florence Siaw and later adapted as a Terafty original film. Your Voice has been selected for the Best Short Film Competition at the Avignon International Film Festival, further highlighting the exceptional quality and recognition this film has garnered.

The film intricately explores the connection between Gina, an American woman adopted from Korea at a young age, and Jaewoo, a lesser-known Korean film director. Their bond, formed through an anonymous call app, blossoms despite their physical distance and not knowing each other’s appearance. Your Voice traverses the realms of identity, cultural roots, and the intricacies of modern digital relationships, capturing the essence of contemporary connections and the journey of self-discovery.

Terafty, a dynamic Korean start-up, joined forces with 001 Films, known for its young and innovative team, including Director Do-Gyung Yoon. “I aimed to bring out the best potential of the original story and provoke the audience into rethinking romantic relationships in today’s world, prompting reflection on the essence of love,” stated Director Yoon.

Korean film - your voice

The film has already generated significant buzz both online and in traditional media circles. The demand for the offline screening was so high that it set a new precedent in the Korean short film scene, with hundreds of applications received. “The overwhelming response took us by surprise, leading us to relocate to a larger cinema to accommodate the interest,” revealed a Terafty representative.

The exclusive screening event is scheduled for February 3rd in Seoul, South Korea, just days before the online release.

Your Voice is also gearing up to be showcased at various national and international film festivals, marking its foray into the global cinema landscape.

Significant support for the film’s production came from Korea University of Media Arts, which contributed equipment and financial backing. Director Yoon expressed his gratitude: “This project initially seemed ambitious due to the involvement of multiple organisations and the public’s interest from its inception. However, it has ultimately turned out to be a successful journey, and I believe this will mark a significant milestone in my career. I’m grateful to Korea University of Media Arts and Terafty for their unwavering support.”

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