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CEWE Photo Award 2023 Winner Warung Kopi Embodies “Our World is Beautiful”

CEWE Photo Award 2023 Winner Warung Kopi Embodies "Our World is Beautiful"
CEWE Photo Award 2023 Winner Warung Kopi Embodies "Our World is Beautiful". Image Source:

Indonesian photographer Ariani Dikye claimed the prestigious CEWE Photo Award 2023 with her captivating portrayal of life’s beauty in an Indonesian “warung kopi” (coffee shop).

Her winning photograph, titled “Warung Kopi,” captures an intense card game scene in Bogor. As per the jury’s statement on CEWE’s official website, this photograph beautifully depicts “the way joy unfolds when people within a community gather to celebrate the beauty of their world in a fleeting moment.”

Consequently, “Warung Kopi” was not only declared the winner of the “People” category but also emerged as the overall champion of the competition.

Describing the photo, the CEWE Photo Award juror Lois Lammerhuber stated, “The photograph immerses viewers in the depicted moment, with the play of light enhancing the unique atmosphere and intensifying the emotional impact. The authenticity of the scene adds significant value. In an age where the line between authenticity and artifice is increasingly blurred, this photograph places us firmly in the vivid tapestry of life.”

This year’s CEWE Photo Award featured 10 categories, all celebrating the theme “Our World is Beautiful,” with over 509,612 entries under consideration.

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