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World-Class Medical Care in West Jakarta

The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri 
World-Class Medical Care in West Jakarta

Designed, built, equipped, and staffed to set a new standard for quality medical care available in the region, The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri opened in July 2021.

This state-of-the-art medical facility has quickly earned the accolade of being “A Hospital Like No Other” in Indonesia and the region.

Calling on the best minds in the field of hospital planning and development, and creating a close virtual relationship with two of the world’s best medical facilities in the USA and UK, The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri offers a level of medical care previously thought only available for those prepared to travel overseas.

The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri prides itself on the quality of its patient care built on a solid cornerstone of diagnostic excellence. By equipping their examination rooms, treatment and therapy areas, and surgical theatres with the most modern medical equipment available internationally and linking an outstanding local team of physicians with their counterparts from The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic in the USA anThe Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital in the UK, superlative diagnostic and treatment procedures result.

Patients being treated at this new West Jakarta hospital in Tangerang become informed partners in a state-of-the-art treatment process in which the laboratory tests results and diagnostic procedures are thoughtfully communicated between medical practitioners and the patient and their family. When and as required, a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled doctors, both in Indonesia and abroad, are consulted to ensure proper diagnosis and optimal courses of treatment are provided.

Among the extensive set of core specialties available at The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri are Centers of Excellence in Heart and Vascular, Brain and Spinal, and Advanced Cancer. Moreover, The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri brings the same level of commitment to its role as an all-around General Hospital complemented with a wide range of specialist clinics that include internal medicine, medical fitness, and rehabilitative care.


Seeking to help the community lead healthy and productive lives, The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri has quickly become the preferred place for comprehensive Medical Check-Ups. This is in absolute keeping with the Hospital’s core belief that disease prevention and early diagnosis are key elements to successful medical care in the 21st Century.

MRI at The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri

New advances in the digitalization of medical test results and video conferencing technology allow the Mandaya team to engage in collegial review and discussion of medical information with distinguished counterparts at two leading medical centers abroad. The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital is one of Europe’s leading centers of excellence in heart and lung care. While The Cleveland Institute in Florida, USA, is staffed by more than 3,500 specialist doctors covering almost every known medical specialty. In 2021, The Cleveland Institute was voted the #2 hospital in the world by Newsweek, second only to The Mayo Clinic.


The President Director of Mandaya, Dr. Ben Widjaja, MBCHB(UK), in outlining the Hospital’s patient care mission, said: “At the heart of Mandaya is the passion to deliver patient-centered care that is personalized to each patients’ needs, and at the same time incorporates advanced medical technology that improves patient outcome

Patient Experience

An ultra-modern design that emphasizes bright and light-filled spaces and patient comfort stands in stark contrast to the traditional view that hospitals are places of doom and gloom. Comfortable patient rooms starting from 40-square meters in size, sleep hubs for waiting family and friends, and the Hospitals contiguous connection to 5-star hotel standards reflect the core belief that, in many cases, patient treatment and care can be a positive and uplifting experience.

Supporting The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri’s goal of creating the highest possible patient experience is a team of 16 Patient Experience Officers whose only function is to ensure no effort is spared in supplying comfort and satisfaction by liaising with patients and their families at every point during their hospital stay.

For more information on The Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri contact us at:

Manadaya Royal Hospital

  • Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri
  • Jalan Metland Boulevard Lot C-3
  • Metland Cyber City
  • Tangerang, Banten 15159
  • Telephone +62-(0)21 5092 8888
  • WA +62-0811 1900 2000

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