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Top Games to Play With Friends Whilst Physical Distancing

Not all of us have gaming consoles at home. Sometimes, our friends are the ones who are kitted out, so we go to their houses to play.

But to keep everyone safe and healthy, the search of games to play in our own homes as a solo player or with friends is on.

Some of your classic favourites that were once only available as board games, card games, or on consoles are now available online.

Here are some games worth downloading onto your phone, tablet, or laptop while also playing together with your family or friends, whether they be isolating with you or in different cities or even countries.

Available on iOS and Android devices, this free game was created by Ellen Degeneres and allows you to connect with your friends. A host will choose a category, such as movies or personal trivia, and start the game by sending out a game pin to the other players. Once everyone’s answers are submitted, they become visible to everyone playing the game. Then the players vote on their favourite answer, and the player with the most votes wins.

Mario Kart Tour

This classic Nintendo racing game was once only available on Nintendo devices, but now you can get it on iOS and Android phones and tablets for free! You can race up to seven other players in this game, be they friends or strangers. The racetracks on the game are based on real-world cities and rotate every two weeks, so the game stays fresh and exciting.

This game elevates interaction by combining a video chat feature with four different games. It means you can talk face-to-face with your friends while playing! Houseparty offers “Heads Up!” , a basic trivia game, a game equivalent to digital pictionary called “Quick Draw!”, and a fun word association game called “Chips and Guac,”. Download Houseparty on iOS and Android devices.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Started in 2014, South Park: The Stick of Truth follows Stan, Eric, Cartman, and Kenny, around the town of South Park as they’re led by you. The centre of it has a “Stick of Truth”, which people believe will give them power over the universe. While it’s probably not the best or most challenging game in the world, it will make you chuckle and it’s a must for all fans of South Park. Find the download link on


Just like the card game, heckles will be raised among your friends once more through the online version. You can customise the rules so everyone’s house rules can still be included and used. Download it at and start playing with your friends!

There has been many mobile versions of Monopoly available on the app store. The game’s mobile version (available on iOS and Android for Rp59,000) offers a somewhat gratuitous 3D view of the game and even offers localised versions of the board for international cities. The game comes with three levels of difficulty against AI opponents and also offers local Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (two players), and “Pass & Play” to play the game locally with your family or friends.

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