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Samsung Pay Finally Available in Indonesia

Samsung Pay

After four years of serving the rest of the world, Samsung Pay has finally entered the Indonesian market. The Samsung Pay app allows users to make payments straight from their Samsung mobile phone to vendors. The South Korean electrical giant launched the feature back in 2015, around the same time as the release of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6+.

Product Marketing Manager of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Irfan Rinaldi, stated that it has taken years for Samsung Pay to reach Indonesia simply because the Indonesian market is unique. “The Indonesian Samsung Pay has been customised to suit Indonesia’s infrastructure and market. It is different from the ones you find abroad as here we will use QR codes,” Irfan said.

“Samsung Pay is currently undergoing closed, beta testing in the Galaxy Series, A30 and A50. It will be available to Android Pie users. The Pay allows instant access. You simply need to swipe to make a payment, without even unlocking the phone. This will be the fastest way to make any payment,” Irfan added.

In order to simplify the registration and payment process, Samsung has entered into a partnership with Dana, a digital wallet platform. Customers can simply create an account via the digital wallet platform, and proceed to download the Samsung Pay app from the Play Store or Galaxy Store. After the installation process, the digital wallet account details will need to be registered to the Samsung Pay application to begin the payment process. Samsung is also committed to protect their users’ identity. “We don’t keep user’s personal and transactional data. This is simply a getaway. User’s privacy is what Samsung values more than anything,” Irfan assured.

In its quest to establish a cashless society, the Indonesian government has established different forms of cashless payment over the last few years. The E-Money, mostly used for paying road tolls and parking transactions, is one of them. Another famous cashless platform is Go-Pay, pioneered by ride-hailing service Go-Jek.

Source: Kompas

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