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Domestic Travel Requirements 19 October-1 November 2021

Domestic Travel November

The extension of PPKM covering 19th October to 1st November 2021 includes new regulations for domestic travel by both private vehicles and long-distance public transportation.

These rules are stated in the instruction of the Home Affairs Minister number 53 of 2021. The following is a summary of the travel requirements for each mode of transportation:


Travellers must show a vaccine card with proof of at least the first dose received.

Furthermore, domestic air travellers are required to show a negative PCR result taken no more than two days before departure. This rule applies to areas both within and outside of Java and Bali that are under PPKM levels 1-3.

Antigen test results can no longer be used to facilitate travel by air.

Private cars, motorbikes, buses, trains, and ships

Travellers must show a vaccine card with proof of at least the first dose being received and non-reactive antigen test results taken no more than 24 hours before departure.

For drivers of logistics vehicles and other goods transportation, the following rules apply:

Drivers who have been vaccinated twice can use an antigen test result that is valid for 14 days, to travel domestically. Meanwhile, for drivers who have only received their first dose of vaccine, the antigen will be valid for seven days. Drivers who have not been vaccinated must perform an antigen test that will be valid for 24 hours.

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