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Quarantine-Free Arrival Rules Indonesia

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The government has officially issued quarantine-free rules for overseas travellers arriving at all Indonesian airports.

Even with the changes, travellers still requires overseas travellers to show a negative PCR test result. This is stated in the COVID-19 Task Force circular number 15 of 2022 concerning health protocols for overseas travel during the COVID-19 pandemic period. 

In the regulations that took effect on Wednesday 23rd March 2022, overseas travellers, both Indonesian citizens and foreigners who enter Indonesia, must download the PeduliLindungi application and fill out the E-HAC.

Overseas travellers are required to show a physical or digital certificate indicating the second dose of vaccination has been completed at least 14 days before entering Indonesia. Negative PCR test results taken in the country of origin are valid for 48 hours before departure are also required.

Upon arrival, overseas travellers are required to undergo another PCR test.  They then must wait for the test results in a hotel room, accommodation, or where they live. They are not allowed to leave the compound until a negative COVID-19 test result comes out.

The document doesn’t specify whether the hotel or accommodation must be CSHE-certified or if there are any other parameters. 

If the test comes back positive and they have no symptoms or mild symptoms, then they are obliged to isolate themselves at home, in a hotel, or in a centralised isolation facility.

If they have moderate-severe or comorbid symptoms, they will be isolated or treated at a COVID-19 referral hospital,stated the circular.

Foreigners will be responsible for all isolation costs themselves, whereas the Indonesian government will cover costs for citizens.  

If the results are negative, then the overseas traveller may continue their journey and be free from quarantine as long as the second vaccination has been received. For those who are negative but have not been fully vaccinated or have only received the first dose at least 14 days before departure, quarantine will be for five days. 

Furthermore, those who have not received the vaccine will be vaccinated at the entry point of overseas travel, after the PCR result is negative or at the quarantine place after the second PCR is negative. The stipulation applies to foreigners aged 6-17 years old, holders of diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits, and/or holders of limited stay permit cards (KITAS) and permanent residence permit cards (KITAP).

The Head of the National Disaster Management Agency as the Head of the COVID-19 Task Force Lt. Gen. Suharyanto stated that foreigners can enter Indonesian territory with the following criteria, namely, in accordance with the provisions regarding immigration regulated by the ministry that carries out government affairs in the fields of law and human rights. 

According to the bilateral agreement scheme, such as the Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA), and/or receiving special consideration and permission in writing from the ministry or institution,” wrote the circular.

Meanwhile, foreigners who are already in Indonesia and will travel, both domestically and internationally, are required to be vaccinated.   se-ka-satgas-nomor-15-tahun-2022-tentang-protokol-kesehatan-perjalanan-luar-negeri-pada-masa-pandemi-corona-virus-disease-2019-(covid-19) (1)

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