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Promoter: Civil Servants in Palembang Demanded Free Tickets for Westlife Concert


Concert promoter Musi Event claims that they received numerous requests from civil servants in South Sumatra for free VIP tickets for the Westlife concert in Palembang, which was held on 18th August.

The promoter shared the news via their Instagram account.

The civil servants have since been under fire. “We have come to the conclusion that Palembang is not ready to host international concerts like this, as there are many parties who disrespect ticket sales, which is a source of income for promoters,” Musi Event posted on their Instagram account.

The promoter also complained about the guards at the event’s special-track service. “It feels like we can’t be normal people for a night, yet people demand us to deliver the best services,” they added.

South Sumatra Governor Herman Daru claimed that he knew nothing about the issue. “Who asked for those tickets? Are they going to sell them? I want to know who did this,” the governor demanded. He further added that he will rebuke the civil servants if the allegations are proven to be true.

“I will reprimand them because it’s unethical. But the concert promoter should also act carefully and make sure that it’s correct,” Herman added. Earlier, Musi Event had collaborated with the South Sumatra Cultural and Tourism Agency in selling tickets, offering civil servants a 20 per cent discount for every purchase as part of Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day anniversary.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: Tribunnews

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